Monday, December 05, 2005

The Ping-Pong Ball Theory:

I believe that there are tremendous stresses being built up in the Earth's crust due to Global Warming. I further believe that this will trigger numerous earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions, even in volcanoes long thought dormant.

How could Global Warming, heating of the atmosphere, trigger events deep in the Earth, you ask?

Consider the Earth like a giant ping-pong ball. If you squeeze it on two sides with your fingers, the sides at ninety degree angles to the pressure of your fingers bulges out a bit. (The effects are even more pronounced with a ball of rubber or one full of liquid, but hey, The Ping-Pong Ball Theory sounds cooler.) Squeeze the top and bottom of the ball, the middle bulges. Simple, right?

So, what happens when billions and billions of tons of ice on the poles melts? (Your fingers letting go of the top and bottom of the ball.)

Further, what happens when those billions and billions of tons of ice are now water, whose weight is now slowly squeezing the middle of the ball harder as the weight shifts away from the Earth's poles toward the equator.

So you think the spinning of the Earth causing centrifugal force might mitigate this effect to some extent? Have you ever heard The Ice Skater Spinning With Her Arms Close To Her Chest Spreads Her Arms Theory?

I posed this question to Earth Talk a couple of years ago - they had no idea how to answer.

Are there any scientists out there looking at this seriously? Has anyone even thought of this possibility?

What are we thinking???

Consider this story on a small (Comparatively) scale:

Tapei Skyscraper Linked To Earthquakes

Dan Stafford