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Ideal Bite: Wedding Belles

Wedding Belles

Ideal Bite
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May 23, 2008


If 10,000 Biters get to choose bridesmaid dresses they'll wear more than once, we'll keep the weight of almost 60,000 ushers outta closets and landfills.


In 2005, a Russian billionaire paid Christina Aguilera $2 million to sing just three songs at his wedding.


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The Wedding Gowns Tip

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Wanna give your bridesmaids a chance to chime in on what they're wearing?

The Bite
Ring 'em up with a color scheme, and let them choose their own gowns so that they can get more than just one use out of them. All those once-worn dresses take a toll on closet space and the planet.

The Benefits

  • Reusing. Just wearing a dress once isn't exactly eco-friendly; typical bridesmaid dresses are made from acetate or polyester - both petroleum byproducts that require a lot of energy to produce.
  • Not breaking their banks. Bridesmaid's dresses cost an average of $138 each, which adds up if you're like we are and everybody you freakin' know is getting married.
  • A dress they'll actually wanna keep.

Personally Speaking
Jenifer lost two puffy-sleeved, Easter-egg-colored bridesmaid dresses with giant bow sashes in a fire, but thanks to insurance got to replace them with dresses that don't make her look like she's going to an 80s-era prom.

Wanna Try?

  • Give your bridesmaids a color swatch, and let 'em at it.
  • The Bridesmaid Party - send your dress to this org, and women in Afghanistan or Kenya will reuse it while you get $25 toward a $40 purchase from its online store.
  • FabSugar - more bridesmaid-dress recycling resources.
  • Portovert - green weddings megasite.

This tip submitted by Heidi Janson.
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Pachamama Blues

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Global warming to deplete Great Lakes even more

Global warming to deplete Great Lakes even more

Andrew Stern
Reuters US Online Report Top News

May 28, 2008 14:00 EST

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Global warming will likely drain more water from the Great Lakes and pose added pollution threats to the region's vulnerable ecosystem, environmental groups said in a report issued on Wednesday.

Climate change could further reduce scant ice cover observed in recent winters, increasing evaporation rates and dropping water levels in the five lakes that collectively make up 20 percent of the world's surface fresh water.

Last year, Lake Superior water levels receded to their lowest in 77 years before rebounding, and the report by the Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition predicted global warming could lower lake levels by up to 3 feet (1 meter) over the next century.

The lower levels will hamper lake shipping, expose polluted sediments, and further damage water quality.

"Climate change is threatening the health of the Great Lakes and jeopardizing efforts to restore them," the coalition's Jeff Skelding said in a teleconference.

The coalition represents...Full Story

Monday, May 26, 2008

Evade Human Extinction Now!

Evade Human Extinction Now!

After watching The 11th Hour, an environmental film on a scale even greater than An Inconvenient Truth, I came away with several new understandings.

First of all, the climate change issue of global warming is really only the worst of a self-inflicted interconnected web of issues killing off species the world over. Together, all of these issues, from deforestation, to pollution, to killing off 90% of sea life, (something we've already done) are adding up to the perfect storm that will wipe the human species off the face of the planet in only a few generations if we don't act now. It isn't just global warming anymore. It isn't just pollution anymore. It isn't just species extinctions anymore. It isn't just crazy weather anymore. It isn't just overflowing land fills anymore. It's Evade Human Extinction Now!

As with everything else that is a result of a collective cultural insanity, framing the issue is one major key to solving it.

This Earth will continue spinning around the Sun whether or not we exist upon it. We are making the choice, in the next ten to fifteen years, whether or not most life, including humans, will survive on this planet. It is that simple, and that direct, and that urgent.

The good news is, once we have enough awareness built up out there, and the collective grass roots will to change, human society is capable of changing quite radically in a very short time. If Detroit can completely retool in six months during the 1940's from making cars to making tanks and airplanes, so can the rest of global industry.

Already, per The 11th Hour, there are over one million environmental activist organizations around the world beginning to act in concert to effect large scale change.

If we as a species do not follow their lead, the humankind can not survive more than another century or two on this planet. If we get it together, and work together, we can have a long and healthy run on this planet, and beyond. We can save the future of innumerable other species as well, many of which our own survival depends on in subtle but critical ways.

Watch The 11th Hour all the way through, and you'll see an integrated presentation of the problems we face during the first half. That alone is more than most other films on such subjects have achieved. Many present only one facet of a larger picture. The 11th Hour goes on to also present an integrated array of solutions. If there were unlimited time, perhaps many of those solutions could be explored more in depth, but there is plenty there to present the overall picture of a society of solutions instead of a society of destruction or of regression.

It is NOT necessary to go back to stone knives, berries, roots, and wearing skins. It is simply necessary to re-design modern society to be able to function withing the available resources and that preserves the diversity of life on this planet, including humans. Additionally, many possible resources we have available that would be beneficial instead of harmful are grossly under-utilized. In a strange way, this is actually good news, as it gives us something good to change TO.

Critically important is the concept that every person in global society votes, regardless of their age, every single time they make a purchase. Granted, what happens in the political voting booth has huge repercussions, but every day we vote with every bit of currency we spend as well.

So, to Evade Human Extinction Now, what we really need to do is love and respect life, use forms of energy that are beneficial to life, and respect the rights of nature to coexist with us. If we don't respect the rights of natural systems to exist, they will ultimately fail - and no technology can save us from the loss of our own right to exist.

Evade Human Extinction Now! - Our grandchildren and great grandchildren will be very grateful for it, and even we ourselves will end up with better lives as a result.

Choose life. I know we can do it. What I don't know is if we will do it.

With great hope,

Dan Stafford
Publisher: The Great Lakes Zephyr - Wind Energy & Hydrogen Journal
Publisher: The 1st Church of Healing The Earth

Friday, May 23, 2008

Latest News Headlines from North American Windpower

North American Windpowe
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North American Windpower WindLogics
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North Dakota PSC Renewable Resource Cost Recovery Rider Request
on 22 May 2008 by NAW Staff email the content item print the content item
The North Dakota Public Service Commission (PSC) has approved Fergus Falls, Minn.-based Otter Tail Power Co.'s request for a renewable resource cost recovery rider that will enable the company to recover its investments in renewable energy facilities that it owns in North Dakota. The renewable resource adjustment will be a [read more]
AAER To Deliver Wind Turbine To Marine Corps Logistics Base
on 22 May 2008 by NAW Staff email the content item print the content item
Montreal-based AAER Inc. has signed an agreement for the delivery of one 1.5 MW wind turbine to the U.S. Marine Corps Logistics Base in Barstow, Calif. The A1500 is scheduled for delivery at the end of the fourth quarter of the year. "This is an important strategic sale for AAER [read more]
Ingeteam Invests In High-Power Machine Research Center
on 22 May 2008 by NAW Staff email the content item print the content item
Bilbao, Spain-based Ingeteam will invest 17 million euros in a power electronics and high-power machine experimental research center in southern Europe. This two-facility center will validate the latest technologies in high-power electronics and electric machines for the energy, rail transport, marine propulsion and steelmaking sectors, according to the company. The [read more]
Flomerics Offers Workshops On Optimizing Data Center Cooling
on 22 May 2008 by NAW Staff email the content item print the content item
U.K.-based Flomerics, which has offices in the U.S now offers regular workshops on how to optimize the thermal performance of data centers using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation software. The workshops will explain how to simulate the thermal performance of an existing or planned data center configuration using templates and [read more]
National Wind Assessments Selected To Install Met Towers For NPPD
on 22 May 2008 by NAW Staff email the content item print the content item
Minneapolis-based National Wind Assessments has agreed to install 10 60-meter meteorological towers for Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) throughout the state of Nebraska. NPPD requested proposals from several wind assessment companies earlier this year and awarded National Wind Assessments the contract. In addition, National Wind Assessments will provide wind [read more]
Birchwood Casey Introduces Low-Temperature Black Oxide
on 22 May 2008 by NAW Staff email the content item print the content item
Eden Prairie, Minn.-based Birchwood Casey Metal Finishes introduces TRU TEMP, a low-temperature, non-polluting black oxide for use on high-strength bolts and critical fasteners. The TRU TEMP process forms a non-dimensional, deep, black finish with long-term corrosion resistance. The finish also prevents galling on critical thread surfaces. The satin black magnetite [read more]
WEG Provides Packaged Solution For MV Applications
on 22 May 2008 by NAW Staff email the content item print the content item
Atlanta-based WEG Electric Motors Corp., a global supplier of motors, drives, controls, transformers and generators, now offers a comprehensive line of variable frequency drives for powering medium-voltage (MV) motors from 500 to 4,500 horsepower. Designated the MVW-01 family, the new drives provide a variable-speed control solution for medium-voltage motors [read more]
Sandia, Kirtland Air Force Base Consider Wind Project
on 21 May 2008 by NAW Staff email the content item print the content item
Albuquerque, N.M.-based Sandia National Laboratories and Kirtland Air Force Base may soon share a wind farm that will provide as much as one-third of the electricity used by the two entities. Sandia's wind energy technology department and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) wind and hydropower technologies program have embarked [read more]
AAER Announces Completion Of Public Offering
on 21 May 2008 by NAW Staff email the content item print the content item
Bromont, Quebec-based AAER Inc., a equipment manufacturer of wind turbines, has completed a public offering of 15 million common shares at a price of C$0.50 per share, for gross proceeds of C$7.5 million. This offering was conducted through a syndicate of underwriters led by Canaccord Adams and National Bank Financial [read more]
Broadwind Company Doubles Size And Capacity
on 21 May 2008 by NAW Staff email the content item print the content item
Naperville, Ill.-based Broadwind Energy Inc. has announced that its heavy-steel fabrication company, R.B.A. Inc., has acquired a second facility that more than doubles the company's manufacturing space and increases its capacity. R.B.A., an industrial mechanical contractor in Manitowoc, Wis., provides subcontract machining, fabrication, refurbishing, welding and assembly for several industries, [read more]
Acciona, EDP Sign Turbine Contract
on 21 May 2008 by NAW Staff email the content item print the content item
Acciona Windpower, an Acciona group subsidiary that manufactures and supplies wind turbines, and EDP Renovaveis, an EDP group company that carries out wind power development projects through its subsidiary NEO, have signed a framework agreement for the supply of wind turbines with a total capacity of 382.5 MW over the [read more]
Western Wind Offered $228M For Windstar Project
on 21 May 2008 by NAW Staff email the content item print the content item
Coquitlam, B.C.-based Western Wind Energy Corp. has announced that it is engaged in negotiations reviewing offers and is in discussions with major U.S. institutions regarding self-financing initiatives whereby its 120 MW Windstar Project will produce $1.7 billion in revenue over 30 years. Although Western Wind was offered $228 million for [read more]
Hailo Welcomes New Mechanical Engineer
on 21 May 2008 by NAW Staff email the content item print the content item
Hailo LLC, a Long Island, N.Y.-based aluminum ladder manufacturer, has hired Ralph Weinmuller as the company's new mechanical engineer. In his new position, Weinmuller will research and develop new products, as well as refine the company's current designs and assist with compliance standards. Weinmuller brings with him vast [read more]

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Vestas Wind Systems A/S

RMT WindConnect - Electrical Engineering Team Manager, Engineers for Distribution, Sr. Electrical, Transmission and Renewable Energy Development, and a Business Development Coordinator

D.H. Blattner - Manager of Electrical Engineering

Garrad Hassan - Seeking in the USA: SCADA Project Engineer, Sr Electrical Engineer and Electrical Engineer,Wind Resource Analyst, Civil Engineer and Project Mgr.; in CANADA - Sr. Electrical Engineer, Sr. Civil Engineer and Wind Resource Analyst

Penn Wind - Licensed Professional Electrical and Civil Engineers

Iowa Lakes - Wind Energy & Turbine Tech Instructor and Wind Energy Industry Trainer

Frontier Wind and Precision Wind - Recruiting firm seeks Five Engineers for Frontier Wind, and Two Directors of Key Accounts for Precision Wind

Global Energy Services - Managers, Supervisors, Techs, Surveyor/Estimator, Analyst, Tool Support

Hailo LLC - Electro Mechanical Engineer

Signal Energy - Project Management, Civil, Mechanical & Electrical Superintendents, Field Technician, Quality, Estimation, Safety, more...

Black & Veatch - Senior Wind Engineer

Puget Sound - Wind Professionals including Engineering, Load Forecasting, Skilled Trades, Financial and Compliance

3-D Service Ltd - Product Line Manager

Noble Environmental Power - Meteorology: Data Analyst and Field Technician

FPL Energy - Technicians, Leaders, Engineers, Supervisors...more

Holland College - Wind Turbine Technician

Windlogics Inc. - Meteorologists, Software Developers, and Production Scientists

KR Wind Inc. - Site Managers, Crane Supervisors, CAD Drawer, Turbine Technician/Rigger, Tool and Crane Mechanics

BHE Environmental - Project Managers, Meteorologists, and more

GE - Wind Site Manager, Wind 1.5MW Platform Program Manager, Wind Technicians

Run Energy - Supervisors and Wind Technicians

Wanzek - Seeking Site Project Managers, Wind Energy Superintendents, Turbine Erectors, Crane Operators, Electrical Superintendent, Electrical Engineer

Brookfield Energy Marketing - Project Manager, Wind Development

Rev 1 - Seeking Site Managers, Wind Commissioning and Maintenance Technicians, HV/Substation and Mechanical Commissioning, I&C Technicians, DCS Engineers, Navy Nuclear Trained Personnel and more...

Union Bank of CA - Structured Finance position

Ulteig Engineers - Team Leader/P.E. - Energy Services

BASF - Industry Specialist

Turner Bros. - Construction and Project Managers, Estimators, Schedulers, Project Engineers, Superintendents, Crane Operators, and more...

Global Windpower - Seeking O&M Site Manager, Field Service Technicians, Gearbox Repair Specialists, Blade Repair Technicians

Safeworks LLC - Business Development Mgr, Electromechanical Engineer

Katana Summit LLC - Director, Sales & Business Development; Manager, Materials & Supply Chain; Manager, Engineering & QMS/QA; NDE Technician; HR Manager; Warehouse/Receiving Supervisor, more...

EMS - EHS Manager, Safety Trainer, Technical Trainer, Traveling Technicians and Field Engineers

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