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July 29, 2012
Growing Climate Skepticism Among Generation X
gen x

It may be one of the biggest issues of our lifetimes, but the vast majority of the working-age adults who make up Generation X remain unconcerned, new research indicates. Fewer than one in five Americans between the ages of 32 and 52 say they are concerned or alarmed about…

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Too Risky to Run
san onofre

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has issued its final report investigating two units at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, a nuclear power plant located on the Pacific coast of California, which have been shut down since January 2012 after a worker noticed a…

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Greening How You Get to the Festival
Most Music Festivals Feature Green Vendors and Recycling Competitions--but What About Fan Transportation?

All three of the summer's biggest festival draws—Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo and Coachella—have some variation on the theme "Green Street." Most sell food from local and/or organic providers. All have some sort of competition involving recycling. And all festivals are…

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Cone Worthy
A Blind Taste Test Reveals Which Non-Dairy Frozen Delights Can Stand Up to Ice Cream

It was a tough assignment, but I managed to convince three friends to join me in a taste test of five non-dairy frozen desserts. We gathered in the "brainstorming room" of my local co-working site and set out the pints, covered with plain paper and numbered for…

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Defending the Coops
Tennessee Chicken Lovers Push to Lift Backyard Coop Restrictions

The benefits of raising backyard chickens include truly fresh eggs (which have a rich red-orange yolk and more flavor) and the delights of raising a flock. But in many North American cities, assembling a chicken coop and keeping a flock of hens is now illegal.

When Emily Katt of Johnson City, Tennessee, was forced to sell her chickens…

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Growing Hope
Actress and Food Advocate Emma Bell

Rising actress Emma Bell has portrayed a skier trapped with two friends for a week on a chairlift in Frozen, a young woman trying to outsmart death in Final Destination 5 and, most recently, a police chief's daughter in a pilot about a cult shot for NBC called Midnight…

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The Redwood Wars
Not All Forest Certifications Are Created Equal

The ancient redwood groves of California's North Coast are among the most storied trees in U.S. history. The majestic trees that can live more than two centuries and soar higher than a 30-story building have captured the national imagination since the advent of the…

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Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes

Dear EarthTalk: I couldn't believe my ears: "genetically engineered mosquitoes?" Why on Earth would they be created? And I understand there are plans to release them into the wild?

—Marissa Abingdon, Sumter, SC

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Commercial Whaling Continues

Dear EarthTalk: Commercial whaling was banned around the world years ago, but some nations continue to hunt whales. Why is this and what's being done about it?

—Jackie O'Neill, Hershey, PA

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