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Nations Gamble on Carbon Capture
Reuters - USA
On the one hand the FutureGen project, a small-scale power plant that would capture and sequester carbon, last year was scuttled based on concerns about ...
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US DOE pulls funding for hydrogen fuel cell and combustion research - USA
We are still decades from the time when the majority of our power will be solar or wind generated. We are still building numerous coal fired power plants, ...
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FirstEnergy Corp. and American Electric Power are considering ...
The Plain Dealer - - Cleveland,OH,USA
... described a future scenario in which big coal and nuclear power plants are used less and utilities turn to fuel cells, solar panels and wind turbines ...
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Global warming must stay below 2C or world faces ruin, scientists ...
Times Online - UK
To answer Nick you get hydrogen from sea water using electrolysis the power comes from what you said wind turbines to produce the electricty then you ...
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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Google Alert - hydrogen, wind, power

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Google News Alert for: hydrogen, wind, power

New York Times

Big Oil Embracing Biofuels?
New York Times - United States
But the companies are investing in biofuels even as they scale back investments in other alternative energy projects, like hydrogen and wind power. ...
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US Agriculture Department seeks applications for renewable energy ...
Idaho Business Review - United States
Renewable energy projects can include wind, solar, biomass, geothermal, hydropower or hydrogen-based production. The owners of one Idaho winery, ...
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ITM Focused on hydrogen car race challenge
The Star - Sheffield,England,UK
"Existing sources of renewable energy are intermittent and variable; when the wind blows at 3am we waste the electricity generated because it isn't used or ...
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Unmanned future could mean new jobs and residents for the Grand ...
Grand Forks Herald - Grand Forks,ND,USA
Michel said he's also partnered with UND's Energy and Environmental Research Center to install a system converting wind power to hydrogen to hydrogen fuel ...
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Isla De Los Suenos Malos... (Island Of Bad dreams)

Isla De Los Suenos Malos... (Island Of Bad dreams)

Life on an island,
Late afternoon sun,
Dinner at a sidewalk cafe,
Latin dancing in the streets,
Mission architecture everywhere,
Colorful and beautiful,
A movie crew filming down the street.

High-wire dancing ladies,
Cameras up high on booms,
Rooflines only pictured,
"Psst - why only the roofs?"

"A movie on Global warming, they'll blue-screen the water."
"Won't that be a thousand years from now, that deep?"
"No, a hundred at most, if it keeps going like this."

Wandering home darkness falls,
A six-story apartment house with balconies,
Wide open walls at the ground level,
Looking West waves are coming chest high,
No winds only light warm breezes,
Waves right into the house and rising,
Soaked and shivering climbing stairs,
Fourth floor finally high enough,
Fitful sleep All manage.

Morning comes,
Waves lowered down to first floor now,
Far above the beach now sunken,
No storm - rising water,
Wading to where the beach should be,
Community trying to pile sand to block waves,
Struggling as water washes all away.

Back to the house,
Movie dancers in the air in crystal skirts in the distance,
Giant squid reaching into the house searching prey,
Dodge and walk upland to the air strip.

Small plane very high,
The Earth's curve below,
The land on the map shrunken and sinking in reality below,

Alarm clock rings.


By: Daniel A. Stafford
© 05/27/2009

Author's note: My dream last night.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"Green" workshop

Workshop to be presented on making your organization “Green”


Learn how to make your organization more “green” at a special workshop Wednesday, June 3 in Indianapolis.   In the morning, an information specialist from the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center will present a green business workshop.  At this session, you will learn how to save money and improve your organization's environmental performance through green business practices such as greening the office, green purchasing, activity based cost accounting, greening the supply chain, recycling, and green cleaning/janitorial practices. The training will also cover energy efficiency opportunities associated with common office functions, such as heating/air conditioning, electronic devices, appliances, and lighting.


A participant at an earlier ISTC workshop said she will use the information she learned to transform the athletic supply company where she works. “The facts and figures will help me convince the bosses to switch products and processes. I can show how it's cost-effective.”


Another participant said the information will help his Developmental Services company to “convert buildings to newer bulbs and ballasts…as well as research and find a vendor to recycle office paper.”


The afternoon will feature a presentation about the Kansas Green Teams.  Participants will hear a case study of teams that have brought efficiencies/greening systems into the office and industrial workplace. This program has been especially successful in Green Government projects.

The workshop is being held in connection with the EPA Region 5 and Region 7 Joint Conference at the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Artin Indianapolis.  Participants can attend just the workshop day, or stay for the full conference June 4 & 5. Registration for the workshop alone is only $25.

To register, and for information about the conference speakers, go to

GLIN NEWS: Press Room 27 May 2009

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Best practices in Great Lakes wind energy to be advanced through new Wind Collaborative project
Source: Great Lakes Commission (2009-05-27)

Conservation required for new Wisconsin water supply
Source: Alliance for the Great Lakes (2009-05-22)

New partnership for greener lawns, cleaner lakes
Source: Alliance for the Great Lakes (2009-05-18)

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Environment Illinois Summer Newsletter Now Online

Max Muller, Environment Illinois Program Director wrote:
Hi Daniel,  Check out our latest newsletter, now available at    Or, if you prefer, you can scan the headlines below and link to the articles that interest you most.   And thanks again for joining us in taking action on behalf of Illinois's environment. I hope our newsletter reminds you of the remarkable progress we're making together. Please pass it on to any friends or family who might be interested.   Top story: Winning the fight for energy efficiency    Featured articles: A down payment on a greener future   All state parks now open   Recent Progress on toxics and clean cars  To make a contribution or join Environment Illinois, visit   To contact me, or to let me know that you'd prefer a paper version of this newsletter, just reply to this message.  Sincerely,   Max Muller Environment Illinois Program Director  P.S.  Thanks again for your support.  Please feel free to share this e-mail with your family and friends.   

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Week of May 24th, 2009

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Bats on the Brink
A mysterious disease is devastating bat populations in the eastern U.S., threatening to render certain species extinct and seriously upset the food chain.
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Climate Bill Backlash
There was some excitement in environmental circles last week over The American Clean Energy and Security Act-but it certainly wasn't unanimous.
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  Reporting by Brita Belli and Jessica Rae Patton
COMMENTARY: The Secret Life of T-Shirts
The Toxic Legacy of Conventional Cotton Clothing, and Why You Should Seek Alternatives
Whether you got it at a rock show, thrift store, vacation spot or trendy boutique, chances are you own a favorite, well-worn T-shirt. By Brian Clark Howard
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Cool Pools
Use Less Energy and Enjoy Your Pool More
Enjoy your pool more for less this swimming season. By Joy Perrino Choquette
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The Great Idling Crackdown
New York City is enforcing another tough smoking ban-this time for trucks. Jessica A. Knoblauch
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Week of 5/24/09
Dear EarthTalk: Is it true that military sonar exercises actually kill marine wildlife?

Dear EarthTalk: How does the microwave compare in energy use, say, to using a gas or electric stove burner to heat water for a cup of tea?

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GLIN NEWS: 27 May 2009

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Great Lakes Daily News: 27 May 2009

For links to these stories and more, visit

Environmental Protection Agency announces dioxin review, plans for Dow cleanup
The federal government will speed up a long-delayed assessment of how dioxins affect human health, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency said Tuesday. Source: The Associated Press (5/27)

To weed or not to weed is the question around West Michigan lakes
Since 2000, the number of aquatic weed-control permit applications submitted to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality has increased 62 percent. But while the statewide weed-control business has experienced that recent boom, early returns show a slight downturn this year. Source: The Grand Rapids Press (5/27)

Efforts under way to fix Oswego Harbor's crumbling breakwater
Years of pounding waves and lake gales have taken a toll on Oswego Harbor's breakwater. Fearing the concrete wall will crumble and wash away, port and federal officials are pushing to have the harbor wall repaired. Source: The Syracuse Post-Standard (5/27)

Cormorant debate: Which part of the ecosystem to protect?
While Canadian officials hope culling the habitat-altering cormorants will save an ecosystem that makes up just one percent of the country, others grapple with the ethics of re-engineering nature. Source: CBC News (5/27)

Lake sturgeon larvae 'Holy Grail' to area
For the first time in 30 years, lake sturgeon are spawning on the Canadian side of the Detroit River. Source: The Windsor Star (5/27)

Waukesha need for lake water falls 23%
The volume of Lake Michigan water the city likely will pursue to replace its ailing deep wells will be nearly 23% less than originally planned, a reduction credited to local water conservation initiatives. Source: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel (5/26)

Environmental centre big polluter
Ottawa is the second biggest offender when it comes to releasing pollutants into Ontario's lakes and rivers, says a provincial environmental group. Source: The North Bay Nugget (5/26)

Newest pest can cut you
An aquatic invader is camping out on the banks of the Trent-Severn Waterway. The new undesirable is called the water soldier. It resembles an aloe vera plant, but with one significant difference: it is very sharp. Source: The Toronto Star (5/26)

COMMENTARY: City looks to Racine, Wis., for help on reducing E. coli
Michigan City, Ind. plans to implement three of Racine's beach management practices for this summer's beach season: revised beach grooming, revised trash handling and wildlife feeding prohibitions. Source: The News-Dispatch (5/26)

Volunteers documenting ephemeral ponds in eastern Wisconsin
This spring and last, several dozen volunteers spread out across 10 counties in eastern Wisconsin to get a close look at hundreds of depressions on the landscape that hold water for a short time. Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (5/25)

Kalamazoo River cleanup continues with landfill cap
Federal environmental officials announced this week that they have finalized a plan to cap a Kalamazoo Township landfill along the Kalamazoo River, part of the federal Superfund cleanup of the river. Source: Kalamazoo Gazette (5/23)

Troubled water
How are we faring as stewards of 20% of the world's freshwater? It may become more valuable than oil in the future. Source: Toronto Sun (5/23)

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GreenerComputing News :: Green IT Grows Globally, Energy Star for Servers Needs Work, and More...

GreenerComputing - News and Resources on IT and the Environment
May 27, 2009
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The Green IT Perspective

By Matthew Wheeland

While my colleague Preston Gralla takes a much-deserved vacation, I'm happy to give you the run-down on what's happening in the world of green IT this week.

The latest news is that Symantec has just published its first annual State of Green IT report, following up on its State of the Data Center report from earlier this year. I spoke with the company's VP of global solutions about the findings, and you can read about them in "Green IT Gaining In Importance Globally."

The findings offer hope -- most notably that 83 percent of the respondents, drawn from large companies around the globe, say that the IT department is now somewhat or wholly responsible for the electricity bill, long one of the huge obstacles to widespread adoption of green IT.

But at the same time, some of the findings are more of the same overly optimistic statistics: 41 percent of the executives surveyed said they'd be willing to pay 20 percent more money for energy efficient gear, which to my ears sounds a lot like the regular surveys of shoppers who say they'd pay extra for a green product, while those same products sit unsold on shop shelves.

Beyond the Symantec report, be sure to check out Preston's post on the new Energy Star for Servers certification, which was released at the end of last week. His take on the label? Not nearly good enough.

   The Latest News on Green IT Strategies
U.S. Government Wastes Over $440 Million per Year in Printing: Report
By GreenBiz Staff

About one-third of all government printing is wasted, and federal employees lack incentives and guidelines to reduce printing waste, according to a new report from Lexmark.... Read More

Dell Ranked Greenest IT Company in Sustainability Benchmarking Report

Indiana Becomes Latest State to Pass E-Waste Law

I-O Corp. Rolls Out Macintosh Virtualization Solution

European Telcos Failing to Spread Green IT: Report

   Featured News
Green IT Gaining in Importance Globally: Report
By Matthew Wheeland

Symantec's first annual Worldwide Green IT Report assesses the state of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly computing around the globe and finds significant progress being made on many fronts, even in the face of worldwide recession.... Read More

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Get independent, 3rd-party proof of your product's environmental claims backed by UL's century-long legacy of testing leadership and unmatched public trust. Products with UL Environment validated claims and certification give you a competitive advantage and listed in our Database of Environmentally Sustainable Products. Click here for more information.                                     
   GreenBiz Radio
Tricks of the Trade for Landing Green Jobs
By Sarah Fister Gale

Peter Beadle, the founder of, talks to GreenBiz Radio about the ways in which finding a green job is just like finding any other -- and the ways green jobs are different.... Listen

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Cree LR24 recessed LED luminaires available in volume.

The LR24 delivers high-quality, energy-efficient light for suspended-ceiling applications usually addressed by linear fluorescents. Its elegant, 24-inch square form is recessed to reduce glare and provide natural-looking light while using less electricity. Designed for 50,000 hours of illumination, the dimmable LR24 has a superior CRI of 92. For more information about the LR24 visit                                     
   Columns and Blogs
Matthew Wheeland
Greener by Design: Can We Build Efficiency Into Products and Systems?
>
Preston Gralla
Energy Star for Servers: Not Nearly Good Enough
>


The Reach and Richness of Green IT

This survey of 143 organizations from Australia, New Zealand and the United States finds that some elements of green IT practices are taking off at companies of all sizes, but as a whole there is significant room for improvement.

The Green IT Pocket Pack

These three books by Alan Calder -- The Green Agenda, The Green Office, and Compliance for Green IT -- offer a one-stop shop for how and why to make your IT operations more environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

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Software Developer
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Firmware / Software Engineer
Boulder, Colo.

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Engineering Greener Products and Clean Technologies
Date: June 16, 2009 - 8:30am
Location: Golden ,Colo.

Concerns about global climate change, soaring energy prices and increased government legislation are driving new priorities and expectations, from consumer products to new technologies for renewable power generation. To meet these new demands, companies around the world are scrambling to not only create products and technologies that address these concerns, but also change the ways by which they are developed. National Instruments provides a wide range of measurement and automation tools that can help engineers and scientists design, develop, and improve products and technologies resulting in environmental and economic benefits.

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