Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Game For Light Exercise: Bucket-Disk...

One Bucket-Disk (invented by Yours Truly) set: (4) aluminum tent stakes @ $0.79 each at Dick's Sporting Goods, (2) Home Depot bucets @ $3.00 each, one Disk Golf fairway driver @ $10-21.00 depending on brand & style. Notice how the bucket on the right is already tent-staked to the ground on either side of the white plastic handle grip. The disk hitting the back of the bucket would move the bucket otherwise, so would the wind on a windy day. Click on image to view full-size.

Set up buckets with openings facing each other 15 feet apart. Stake bucket handles so goals don't move. Stand behind your bucket and toss at the other bucket. Teams take turns, 1 throw each. First 20 duckets wins. Disk must be more than halfway in the bucket to count a ducket.

Teams toss at one bucket to see who goes first. Closest to bucket OR most duckets goes first.

Lose two duckets for your team if you hit another player, or physically get in front of your bucket while the other team is throwing. (Off-sides rule; throwing team must declare a throw starting and do a 5-count to let other players clear the target bucket. IE: "THROW-2-3-4-5")

Advanced rules: Get a 2nd disk. The off-turn team may attempt to throw a block at the throwing team's disk AFTER it has left the thrower's hand. Next person up on the off-turn team is also the blocking disk thrower. Lose a ducket for your team if you throw your block before the disk leaves the thrower's hand.

Skips off the ground still count as a ducket if the disk goes all the way into the bucket.

You get a very satisfying "THUNK" sound  when the disk bounces off the back of the bucket.

It's very easy to pack up and carry to the park or the beach.

Let fly!


End Corporate Polluter Welfare Now!

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Hi Daniel,

America can't afford to keep subsidizing the most profitable and environmentally destructive industry on the planet. But for all the talks of tightening belts and cutting budgets, we still give $113 billion in taxpayer handouts to oil companies and other fossil fuel industries.

Sign the petition today: Corporate welfare for the world's worst polluters needs to end NOW! »

This weekend, groups from around the US will be gathering in Houston to send a message to the world's largest oil companies. There are just days left to add your name to the petition that will be hand-delivered to some of the worst polluters in America.

Across America, people just like us are speaking out and letting the largest oil companies know we oppose this unfair fossil fuel subsidies. Will you join me today in taking action to end corporate subsidies for polluters?

Sign the petition, spread the word and help finally end corporate subsidies for polluters once and for all! »

Thanks for taking action!

Ellen B.
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Only Days Left to Say NO to Tax Subsidies for Polluters!
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Make your event memorable - order Gift Trees today!

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Gift Trees

Seedling Trees = Memorable Event


Spring means planting time! What better spring activity than planting a tree? Arbor Day Foundation Gift Trees are designed to make an enduring impression. For customer appreciation, party or wedding favors, product promotions, events large and small, this lasting gift will be remembered. Personalize your special event labels and make it uniquely yours.

Arbor Day Foundation takes care of the logistics, you can focus on your event. We're shipping for summer events, so order now.

Please feel free to forward this e-mail to anyone who might be interested.


Jo McElwain
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Do the Koch Brothers Determine Our Energy Dependence?



The Scary Truth About China's Hog Farms

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Subject: The Scary Truth About China's Hog Farms
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June 27, 2012



The Scary Truth About China's Hog Farms

Since the dawn of the Great Recession, Americans have been eating less meat, including pork. Yet in Iowa, by far the nation's leading hog-producing state, there's been a recent boom in state-issued permits for new factory-scale hog confinements.

Why would the meat industry be investing so heavily in new hog capacity if the economics aren't working out? The answer is that the industry is looking toward a boom in pork exports—and our biggest customer may soon be China.

To read about what all this means for the US pork industry—plus China's frightening plans to convert all of its family-run hog farms into US-style factory farms, click here. [READ MORE]



The Senate Farm Bill: It Could Have Been Worse

But unfortunately now the bill moves to the House, where it will likely get worse. [READ MORE]




French Lentils, Delicious (and Easy) Dinner

Back in college, lentils were mushy, gray, and flavorless. Not anymore. [READ MORE]





Poisoning Workers at the Bottom of the Food Chain

Pesticides sicken more than 10,000 farm laborers annually. What's being sprayed is often a mystery. And complaining can mean getting fired or deported. [READ MORE]


Mother Jones


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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: EPA Climate Action Upheld

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Subject: BREAKING NEWS: EPA Climate Action Upheld
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Environmental Defense Fund


Dear Daniel,

Today is a good day for climate progress in America and for the thin layer of atmosphere that sustains life on Earth.

Moments ago, a federal appeals court upheld EPA's climate pollution emission standards, rejecting four legal challenges that had been filed by industry groups and several states' attorneys general.

The court ruled in favor of clean air protections in four major cases, denying petitions against the Climate Pollution Endangerment Finding and the Clean Car Standards and dismissing petitions against the Timing and Tailoring Rules.

EDF activists submitted tens of thousands of comments in favor of these critical rules and today's court decision affirms our efforts to defend EPA's common sense solutions to promote cleaner air and a safer climate future.

This ruling also comes one day after the public comment period closed on the proposed new EPA rule that would limit climate pollution from new fossil fuel power plants. An incredible 113,579 EDF activists joined a record-shattering 2 million Americans who submitted comments in favor of this rule that, if implemented, will help end dirty energy as we know it.

These are huge accomplishments made possible in large part thanks to the generous support and committed activism of you and hundreds of thousands of other EDF members. Thank you for all you do and please join me in celebrating today's historic ruling.

FredKrupp-w_jpgThank you,
Fred Krupp

P.S. Right now, you have the opportunity to double your support for EDF and our continued clean air and climate advocacy by donating to our 2012 Summer Match Campaign. Every dollar you donate between now and July 6th will be matched $1-for-$1 by the High Meadows Foundation, co-founded by EDF Board Chair Carl Ferenbach. Please take advantage of this generous offer today.

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June 24, 2012
Green Groups Oppose Monsanto Handout

The nonprofit Center for Food Safety is sounding the alarm about a provision buried deep in the FY 2013 Agriculture Appropriations Bill that would allow the continued sale and planting of genetically engineered (GE) crops while health hazards are assessed by the U.S.…

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More Bins, More Bottles?

Do you find yourself buying plastic beverage bottles without regret because they can be tossed in the recycling bin? Or do you justify leaving reusable bags in the car because there's a plastic bag recycling bin at the front of the store? 
If so, the new study "Recycling…

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A Crisis Is a Terrible Thing to Waste
Activists Are Frustrated by the Many Missed Opportunities at the Rio+20 Earth Summit
protesters in rio

On Friday afternoon, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development convened. Dubbed Rio+20, the conference was the largest UN summit ever held and marked the 20-year anniversary of the original Earth Summit also held in Rio.

Attended by 50,000, the three-day…

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Spring Statement Makers
Bold Looks Are In Across the Eco Fashion Frontier

Despite a down economy, fashion designers who refuse to compromise on ethical issues have been one of the industry's brightest lights in recent years. And as the economy picks up, and a sustainable textile infrastructure develops, increasing numbers of young designers are…

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Resistant To Change
Ocean Acidification Is a Product of Our Emissions, but There's Little Will to Change Our Ways

Rob Jackson, Ph.D., is the Nicholas Chair of Global Environmental Change at Duke University and a professor in the Biology Department. He is also a co-chair of the Carbon Cycle Science Working Group—a group of researchers who recommend carbon cycle priorities for the…

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Connections: Sharing Green Strategies
Greentowns Helps People Plug In to Green Happenings

Forget those "greenest cities" lists: green efforts are sprouting up everywhere. On, 15,000 communities of all sizes log their environmental initiatives in nine categories: building, energy, lifestyle, connections, water, land and conservation, food,…

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Winning for the Water
An Interview with U.S. Water Polo Player Betsey Armstrong

Betsey Armstrong is a 29-year-old goalkeeper on the U.S. Water Polo team who's headed to her second Olympic Games—the 2012 Games in London—this July. Since attending the University of Michigan, Armstrong not only became serious about water polo, she developed an…

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Subsidies for Renewable Energy

Dear EarthTalk: Renewable energy production in the solar and wind markets currently receives about $7 billion in government subsidies annually, but is still not competitive against fossil fuels on a large scale. To what extent should the U.S. continue to prop up these industries as they compete against dirty energy?

-- Jack Morgan, Richmond, VA…

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Right to Breathe Campaign

Dear EarthTalk: Who are the "Clean Air Ambassadors" and what are they trying to accomplish?

—Brenda Coughlin, Pittsburgh, PA

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