Monday, February 09, 2009

Register Now for WINDPOWER 2009 Conference & Exhibition

AWEA Conference & Education Dept wrote:
WINDPOWER 2009 - Registration Open

Conference & Exhibition

Chicago, Illinois
May 4 -7

Register Now for WINDPOWER 2009!

Registration is Now Open for the largest annual wind conference and exhibition in the world. WINDPOWER 2009 Conference & Exhibition features over 13,000 attendees and over 830 exhibitors. Wind energy professionals gather at this event every year to learn about the latest industry developments and technologies, review new products and services, and network with leading industry decision makers.

Take a look at the Digital Registration Brochure. It includes live links to video and audio, and information regarding the conference.

Don't miss this important industry event May 4th - 7th, 2009, at McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago, Illinois.

As WINDPOWER approaches, you will receive additional information from AWEA about conference sessions, the exhibition, networking events and festivities. Our online registration system is now live, allowing you to make firm plans and to take advantage of early registration discounts.  

Conference Program

Wind Power: Securing America's Energy Future

The WINDPOWER Conference program will include over 300 speakers and moderators, 150 poster presentations and 50 sessions on leading wind energy topics organized into tracks with policy, business, and technical focuses. There is no better place to learn the latest industry developments and new technology than WINDPOWER 2009. Attendees can also participate in several day-long pre-conference seminars for a more in-depth education on various topics.

This year's WINDPOWER Conference Program is currently being organized by co-program chairs, Mark Ahlstrom, Chief Executive Officer, WindLogics Inc., and Karl Rábago with assistance from Brian McNiff, President, McNiff Light Industry serving as a board liaison.

NEW FOR 2009! AWEA Wind Power Supply Chain Workshop
Monday, May 4th

Growing demand for wind projects means an increased need to expand domestic manufacturing of wind turbines and their components.

Join us at the Wind Power Supply Chain Workshop at WINDPOWER 2009 and learn more about:

  • The Anatomy of a Turbine
  • A Wind Industry Overview
  • Major Component Sourcing & Value Chain Services
  • Entering the Wind Industry: Funding, Contracts,
    and Re-Tooling
  • Case Studies

When you are finished your day, explore the exhibit hall
from 5:00 – 7:30PM to see a full span of wind industry
products and services.


AWEA has negotiated discounted hotel rates at more than 25 Chicago hotels for attendees & exhibitors. Visit for information on each hotel such as room rates, amenities, and photos as well as a map showing the location of each hotel. You can reserve your room on-line now, by calling The Housing Connection, our housing bureau, at (877) 505-0678 (toll-free US) or +1 (801) 505-4616 (international), or faxing in a housing reservation form.

Exhibitors – if you are booking more than 10 rooms, you can complete the exhibitor block request form to protect your room block without having to provide specific attendee names until later this spring.

PLEASE NOTE: There was a 1-day shift in the conference schedule for this year's event. The Opening Event and Concert will be held on Monday, May 4th (instead of Sunday as in past years) with the exhibition and conference sessions taking place on Tuesday, May 5th through Thursday, May 7th (instead of Monday - Wednesday). Please book your hotel reservations accordingly!

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Dates to Remember:

Early Registration Deadline:
March 9, 2009

Hotel Registration Deadline:
April 13, 2009


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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

People Used To Think The Earth Was Flat, Too...

I love these people who decry Global Warming as a hoax, such as this fellow at the "Lighthouse Patriot Journal".

The fellow points to freezing weather in Florida as evidence that Climate Change doesn't exist, or may be preempting what would've been a coming ice age.

That's all just wonderful. The problem is that a warming climate doesn't necessarily mean you are going to get unusually warm weather in any one location on the planet consistently. It means that the average temperature over the entire Earth's surface increases year-over-year.

That means that you take all the temperature readings throughout an entire year from every measuring point on the planet, and then find the average of that temperature, and compare that figure to previous years.

It also means that there is more heat energy in the atmosphere. Greater heat energy in the atmosphere means more powerful winds overall. That includes freaky-seeming winds that blow over the polar regions and then back down to more equatorial regions, which moves heat to the polar regions and dumps it there, and then pulls frigid air down on top of us at lower latitudes.

If the strength and amount of wind increases on average each year, you are going to see more freak storms and weather. Bigger hurricanes. Stronger cyclones. Larger and more intense rainstorms in some areas, hotter and drier weather in others. Bigger winter storms as the prevailing winds push up into the polar regions harder and then come further back down with more cold moisture and snow to dump.

It's more about the amount of heat energy in the atmosphere increasing the power of the Earth's winds at this stage than about locally increased temperatures except in the polar regions.

The poles will heat up faster than the rest of the planet because ice is reflective, and reflects solar energy into space. The less of it there is at the poles, the more solar energy they'll absorb.

If you look around and see more powerful and frequent storms than usual, that's what you should expect right now from changes in the AVERAGE temperature around the globe.

It isn't just heat waves, oh Flat Earth People. It is more powerful winds and more powerful and freaky storms. Hold onto Kansas, Toto, unless it's getting flooded, then swim for it. Or dig out of a blizzard, or chip your way out of an ice storm, or haul water out of the well in an extended drought. Whichever one it is, you'll have more of it, and it will probably be windier.

The vast majority of the world's scientists agree that man-made gasses are trapping heat - and therefore energy - in the Earth's atmosphere, and right now that means wind.

If you want to really hear what the world's scientists have to say on the subject, check out the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's multiple comprehensive reports. While you're at it, have a little sympathy for those poor Floridians getting the occasional freak-freeze, and a lot worse hurricanes.

Thank you for reading - and maybe even listening.