Sunday, February 29, 2004

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Andrea Johnson: Don't let media pick nominee by themselves
Andrea Johnson

Published March 1, 2004


Dennis Kucinich has placed third in the Maine and Washington primaries, and now second in Hawaii. And this gives me hope. There are thousands who can think for themselves and refuse to allow the media to dictate who should get their vote.

If the mainstream media had their way, Kucinich would have been out of the race before it really started. Consider the now-famous interchange between Kucinich and ABC's Ted Koppel during the first debate. Koppel ballyhooed Gore's endorsement of Dean (lot of good that did Dean), and asked Kucinich when he was leaving the race. Kucinich gave a brilliant response, which included this statement:(Full Story)
Text Of Democratic Debate

NEW YORK, Feb. 29, 2004

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Embrace Dennis Kucinich and his principles


I take strong issue with the dismissive manner in which Brent Larkin describes Democratic congressman and presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich ("What home-field advantage?" Feb. 22). Rep. Kucinich's presidential bid is not about vanity. It is about giving voice to the millions of people who share his vision for the future.

Twenty-five years ago, Dennis Kucinich stood by his word and refused to let Cleveland Muny Light fall into private ownership. By keeping his promise to the citizens of this city, Kucinich put his own political future at risk. And thanks to that decision, Cleveland residents have saved literally hundreds of millions of dollars over the intervening years.

As mayor, state representative, and then U.S. congressman, this visionary leader saved schools, hospitals and a steel mill - and with them, jobs that would have otherwise been lost.

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CityNews endorses Dennis J. Kucinich for president
by Staff Reports
City News Ohio
Originally posted 2/25/2004

CityNews is proud to endorse native son, Ohio Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich for president of the United States, and we’re doing so for a number of key reasons.

Congressman Kucinich grew up in the inner city of Cleveland and well-knows the issues, concerns and problems facing people of color - as well as those of working class Americans of all races and ethnicities.

His platform reflects his concern with racial justice and he strongly supports issues such as studying the best methods by which to make reparations for slavery; immediate statehood for the District of Columbia; abolition of the death penalty; an end to the “War on Drugs”; tougher gun control laws; creating affordable housing; cracking down on predatory lending; protecting workers’ rights; universal healthcare coverage; and more investment in education.

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Kucinich, Sharpton stay on the trail
Updated: 3:13 p.m. ET Feb. 25, 2004

WASHINGTON - Democrats John Kerry and John Edwards may think they're in a two-man race for the party’s presidential nomination, but somebody forgot to tell Dennis Kucinich and Al Sharpton.

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Transcript: Democratic Presidential Debate in Detroit

FDCH e-Media
Monday, October 27, 2003; 12:30 AM

Following is the transcript of the Democratic presidential debate in Detroit, sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus Institute and Fox News.

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`Congressman Kucinich, why are you here?'
By Nathan Guttman
He's an unconventional character running in the U.S. Democratic primaries, but he's not giving up - and no one quite understands why.

WASHINGTON - When the race for the Democratic candidate for the U.S. presidency began, they were 10. Now only four remain: John Kerry, who is the front-runner; John Edwards, who is still hoping to surprise Kerry; Al Sharpton, who is staying on in the race to ensure that the Afro-American voice is heard; and Dennis Kucinich, who is not giving up - and no one understands why.

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From: "Wythe W Holt Jr."
Organization: University of Alabama School of Law
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 11:36:23 -0600

The March Primary -- Your Last Chance to Vote Against the War?
by Tom Gallagher

Last year at this time, opposition to the Bush Administration's preemptive war
in Iraq filled the streets of cities and towns around the world -- San Francisco notable
among them. While it obviously failed to preempt the preemption, still this was the
largest prewar antiwar movement the world had yet seen and so a lot of people who
came out to those rallies and vigils naturally hoped that this year's Democratic primaries
would develop into the forum to challenge theAdministration's foreign policy. And this
seemed likely even a couple of short months ago, when Howard Dean was apparently poised to
Cruise and few imagined Senators John Kerry and John Edwards so quickly dominating the race.
So, suddenly, with Edwards and Kerry having supported the war (however they may wish to
characterize their votes now, they did vote to authorize it), there looms a distinct possibility
that Super Tuesday could be the last chance to cast a meaningful antiwar vote in this presidential
election cycle, making Representative Dennis Kucinich's continuing candidacy crucial. No candidate
has made the antiwar argument more forcefully than Kucinich and with the current twist of the
primary plot he now stands as a representative of two of the Democrats' forgotten antiwar majorities
-- the 126-81 majority of House Democrats who voted against the war, and the majority of Democratic

What makes the antiwar side's current fadeout in the presidential campaign particularly strange
is how out of tune it seems to be with the mood of the land. Just about no one now buys the
Administration's "Weapons of Mass Destruction" rationale -- not even Bush and Cheney will consistently
claim to believe it any more -- although there is Rumsfield. Yet Edwards and Kerry's voting records
render them unable to effectively follow up as the Administration's story melts away. In fact, if Kerry
wins the nomination we could see more debate about opposition to the Vietnam War in the final election
campaign than to the war going on now. Actually, a national discussion of Vietnam could be a very good
thing for the country, even thirty years later, but Kerry's honorable past antiwar leadership should not
distract us from the fact that it is Kucinich who now offers a ninety day plan to honorably withdraw
and avoid the disaster of turning a Republican occupation of Iraq into a Democratic occupation of Iraq.

Not that you'd have to go abroad to find big issues ignored in the presidential campaign, of course.
Last year former Vice President Al Gore announced his support for a "single-payer" Canadian-style
Health insurance plan that would send all medical bills to a single payment agency and allow us to save
the one dollar out of every ten health care dollars that the competing private health insurance bureaucracies
currently eat up. Unfortunately, it was only three years after he was the Democratic presidential nominee
and could really have had an impact that Gore came to his recognition of this sensible approach to
extending health coverage to the 40 million Americans currently doing without.

More unfortunately still, Senators Edwards and Kerry have yet to take the idea up at all. Here again,
Kucinich has advocated a specific "single-payer" plan called "Enhanced Medicare for All" since the start
of the race.

Whether it's arguing that corporate globalization needs to answer to the democratic process or calling
for shifting government priorities from the military to education, Kucinich is speaking to big questions that
the current two-man focus simply ignores. If you've ever asked yourself why we can't have presidential
candidates who actually talk about these real issues, then you ought to be looking at Kucinich.

When the final election comes around in November we will vote for what we have to vote for. In the
primaries we can vote for what we want to vote for -- for what we believe in. Don't waste that vote.
Posted on Sun, Feb. 29, 2004

Democrats rev up for Tuesday vote


Pioneer Press

Minnesota has a chance to make a difference in the Democratic presidential race on Tuesday night.

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Q&A: Dennis Kucinich

Published February 29, 2004


Editor’s note: Last weekend, as he was preparing to speak to an estimated 2,500 people in Northrop Auditorium, Rep. Dennis Kucinich spoke backstage with Commentary Editor Eric Ringham about his race for the Democratic presidential nomination. The following is adapted from their conversation:(Full Story)
Posted on Sun, Feb. 29, 2004

Kucinich says he's in race for long haul

Despite poor showing in primaries, Democrat from Ohio has hope

By Carl Chancellor

Beacon Journal staff writer

It seemed strangely fitting that after his surprising second-place finish in the Hawaii caucus, Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich hung out with the Planetary Bandits, a popular Maui rock/jazz fusion band.

Most political pundits believed that Kucinich at best had his head in the stars, and more than likely was a bit spacy to even consider a run for the presidency of the United States.

But almost halfway through the primary season, Kucinich is still in the race after more heavily touted and financed candidates have thrown in the towel.

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Kucinich Rolls Through L.A. Area

In a race for Tuesday's primary, the longshot Democratic candidate talks to small crowds in diverse spots, from a union local to a mosque.

By Susannah Rosenblatt, Times Staff Writer

Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich, fresh from an unexpectedly strong second-place finish in Hawaii's caucuses, campaigned through the Los Angeles area Saturday, hoping to win some votes in California's primary Tuesday.

The Ohio congressman brought his message to a South Central community garden, an immigrant rights rally and a local mosque as he addressed issues of particular importance in California — such as...(Full Story)
Kucinich Says Kerry Trying to 'Out-Rambo' Bush
February 28, 2004

Contact: Terre Lundy/Matt Harris: (216) 889-2004,

Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich, responding to the strongest statements yet by Sen. John Kerry regarding expansion of the military and the need for increased Pentagon spending, said Kerry has "apparently declared himself the Democratic nominee and is trying to out-Rambo President Bush" heading toward the November general election.

"The way to beat Bush in November is not to be more warlike than he is," said Kucinich. "If that's the choice that Sen. Kerry is offering, than we're simply substituting a unjustified Republican war for an equally unjustified Democratic war. And, from what Sen. Kerry is saying, an even bigger, longer, and more dangerous one."

Kerry, in what his campaign described as a major foreign policy address on the campus of UCLA yesterday, renewed his pledge to "add 40,000 active-duty Army troops, a temporary increase likely to last the remainder of the decade"--a pledge he sidestepped when asked about it directly by Kucinich during a nationally televised debate Thursday. Yesterday, in contrast, Kerry said American troop strength abroad is "overextended" and must be replenished by adding two full combat divisions to the regular Army. He has also repeatedly said that, as President, he would add those 40,000 new troops in his first 100 days.

Kerry went on to say "Day in and day out, George W. Bush reminds us that he is a war president and that he wants to make national security the central issue of this election. I am ready to have this debate. I welcome it."

Kucinich responded: "American citizens--including our own troops--want us to get out of Iraq," said Kucinich. "Sen. Kerry wants us to send more troops. Rather than proposing an exit strategy, he's clearly proposing an expansion of our military presence and an even longer occupation."

Kucinich also challenged Kerry to explain how the Army could add 40,000 new personnel without reinstating the draft. "If Sen. Kerry is considering reinstating the draft to meet his military objectives, he should be honest with the American people right now."

Kucinich also took aim at other remarks made by the Massachusetts senator in his UCLA speech.

Kerry told his audience that he would work with allies in Iraq and elsewhere, "but no President would ever let them tie our hands and prevent us from doing what must be done. As President, I will not wait for a green light from abroad when our safety is at stake."

"How does that make Sen. Kerry any different from George Bush?" Kucinich asked. "Kerry is prepared to act unilaterally if he deems it necessary ˆ the exact same words we heard from President Bush, who then took us to war. I voted against giving the President that authority, while Sen. Kerry and Sen. Edwards voted in favor of it."

Kucinich also pointed to the contradictions between Kerry's recent statements, his votes over the years on defense spending, and his comments on the floor of the U.S. Senate.

In October 2002, Kerry, who then supported the resolution that sanctioned a possible invasion of Iraq, said "It would be naïve to the point of grave danger not to believe that, left to his own devices, Saddam Hussein will provoke, misjudge, or stumble into a future, more dangerous confrontation with the civilized world." More recently, Kerry has acknowledged that Hussein possessed no weapons of mass destruction or posed any imminent threat.

"You can't have it both ways, Senator," said Kucinich. "If you were naïve then, reversed yourself to admit there was no basis for going to war, and now you're promising to be an even tougher war president than Bush, it's only fair to ask: Exactly where do you stand?"

According to Republican surrogates representing Bush's re-election campaign, Kerry's new "get tough" policy runs contrary to dozens of votes in the Senate where he opposed increased military and intelligence spending.

Now, Kucinich pointed out, "for some unfathomable reason, the senator has changed course again and become more of a hawk."

Kucinich rejected that notion that "being more warlike than George Bush" is the way for the Democrats to win the White House.

People want a change in direction and in policy, said Kucinich. "Senator Kerry seems to offering Americans even more of what George Bush has already done."

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Kucinich Campaign Gears Up in Ohio for Tuesday's Election
February 28, 2004

Contact: Terre Lundy/Matt Harris: (216) 889-2004,

With the Ohio Presidential primary only a few days away, Cleveland Congressman Dennis Kucinich is putting on the equivalent of a political full court press to break through the wall-to-wall campaign coverage that senators John Kerry and John Edwards have been attracting as they've skipped across Ohio for the past few days.

Fresh off a second-place finish in Hawaii, ahead of Edwards, Kucinich returns to Cleveland Sunday following a nationally televised debate in New York City Sunday morning.

While the candidate himself will be making dozens of campaign appearances in Cleveland and northern Ohio over the next few days, his volunteers and staff have been reaching out around the clock to hundreds of thousands of Ohio voters through television and radio ads, direct mail, email, door-to-canvassing and leafleting.

That all-out effort leading up to Tuesday's election includes: $300,000 in electronic media, including the first-ever broadcast of a 30-minute documentary airing on TV stations this weekend; 25,000 postcards to absentee voters; 100,000 pieces of direct mail to registered voters; 400,000 phone calls, including both live and automated; 600 volunteer phone callers; 6,000 yard signs; and a steady stream of news and campaign updates on Kucinich's website,

On Thursday, Kucinich also picked up key endorsements from the state's two most influential African American newspapers, the Call & Post and CityNews.

Polls show frontrunner John Kerry with a sizable lead in Ohio, but Kerry's and Edward's positions on trade issues and their opposition to significant changes in the nation's health care system may cut into their votes in a state that has lost thousands of jobs to foreign competition and where the number of unemployed and uninsured continues to grow.

Kucinich has pointed out that Kerry and Edwards support the North American Free Trade Agreement and the World Trade Organization, which has enabled corporations to ship American jobs overseas and allowed foreign competitors, especially in the steel industry, to dump cheap products on U.S. shores, further undercutting domestic sales and steelworker jobs.

The challenge, admits the Kucinich campaign, is to reach the voters to persuade them that, in Ohio, this is a three-man race, not a two-man horserace. (Rev. Al Sharpton is not on the ballot in Ohio.)

With all the attention focused on Kerry and Edwards, that challenge, says the campaign, is formidable.

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30-Minute Kucinich Documentary Airs in Cleveland This Weekend
February 27, 2004

Contact: Terre Lundy/Matt Harris: (216) 889-2004,

With the Ohio Presidential primary only a few days away, Congressman and Democratic Presidential candidate Dennis J. Kucinich will hit the airwaves in Northern Ohio this weekend with a 30-minute television documentary about his life, his political career, and his bid for the Presidency.

The program is hosted by award-winning actor Hector Elizondo, and features guest appearances by fellow actors Ed Asner, Mimi Kennedy, James Cromwell, and author and lecturer Marianne Williamson.

The documentary will air several times over the weekend:

Saturday, Feb. 28, 12:00 Noon - 12:30 pm, WEWS-TV

Sunday, Feb. 29, 10:00 am - 10:30 pm, WEWS-TV

Saturday, Feb. 28, 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm, WKYC-TV

Sunday, Feb. 29, 10:30 am - 11:00 am, WJW-TV

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Kucinich: New York's Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant Must Be Shut Down
February 27, 2004

Contact: Terre Lundy/Matt Harris: (216) 889-2004,

Democratic Congressman and presidential candidate Dennis J. Kucinich today issued this statement about the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant in Buchanan, New York:

"Dozens of organizations in New York City and in Westchester, Putnam, and Dutchess counties have worked tirelessly to close the Indian Point Power Plant, and I support their efforts wholeheartedly. The fact that this nuclear power station is within 35 miles of mid-town Manhattan with no evacuation plan beyond 10 miles leaves 20 million people at risk. This is completely and utterly unacceptable.

"Nuclear power-generating stations are inherently dangerous. We've seen what can happen when they breach: witness the horror of the Chernobyl disaster in Russia and our own near-disaster at Three Mile Island. Then add to that the likelihood that these plants stand at the top of the list of targets of any terrorist organization seeking us harm--plus the possibility that spent fuel from these plants can be used to make 'dirty bombs.' These plants are potential disasters waiting to happen. We must replace them with safe, renewable energy facilities all across the country.

"We need an energy policy that is based on responsible and critical thinking, one that looks out for the health and well-being of our children and our grandchildren. Our present-day reliance on nuclear power and on inherently dirty and environmentally harmful fossil fuels doesn't do this. But a shift to safe, clean and environmentally-benign renewable energy sources does.

"At least three million new jobs can be created by my plan to invest in safe renewable technologies such as solar, wind, biomass, green hydrogen, geo-thermal and in designing energy efficient buildings, vehicles, and manufacturing processing equipment and systems. These new technologies are already proven and offer us real hope to stem the speed of global climate change and preserve our ecosystems, besides offering us viable alternatives to the consumption of Middle-Eastern oil.

"This is the kind of responsible, forward thinking, honest leadership we must demand from our government, and the kind of responsible leadership I am committed to providing."

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Kucinich on Palestine

By George Karsa

Al-Jazeerah, Feb28 ,2004

As an Arab-American and a lifelong supporter of the rights of the Palestinian people, I have good news for you! In this year's presidential race, there is a candidate who has the wisdom, the courage, and the independence to create a climate in which peace can finally become a reality between the Palestinians and Israel. That candidate is Dennis J. Kucinich, a4 -term congressman from Cleveland, Ohio. Congressman Kucinich not only supports statehood for the Palestinians, thus removing the single greatest source of anti-American sentiment throughout the Arab and Muslim world, but is the only candidate that has a clearly- defined plan for ending the occupation of Iraq and bringing our troops home within 90 days of his election. Dennis Kucinich is also the only candidate that has a plan for creating a just and lasting peace in both Iraq and Palestine. Leaders in national Muslim organizations like...(Full Story)
Kerry, Edwards Refuse to Join Kucinich in Protecting U.S. Jobs
February 26, 2004

Contact: Terre Lundy/Matt Harris: (216) 889-2004,

Congressman Dennis Kucinich tonight challenged Senators John Edwards and John Kerry to save American jobs by joining him in his pledge to cancel the North American Free Trade Agreement. Both refused.

In a nationally televised debate on CNN, Kucinich said that because of NAFTA and the U.S.'s membership in the World Trade Organization, not only are American jobs being "outsourced" to foreign countries, but the U.S. is powerless to stop foreign nations from unfair competitive practices. Kucinich cited an occasion when Congress was unable to protect American steel jobs from foreign competition because the WTO overruled the legislation.

Kucinich renewed his pledge to cancel NAFTA and the WTO by executive order as his first act in office.

Neither Kerry nor Edwards would commit to canceling NAFTA. Kerry voted for NAFTA and has consistently voted for other comparable trade agreements. Kerry and Edwards both voted for the China trade agreement.

Kucinich has been consistent in his opposition to so-called free trade.

Edwards and Kerry both discussed plans to "fix" the trade agreements. The fact is they cannot be altered. Any proposed change can be overruled by the WTO.

Free trade agreements have resulted in the loss of millions of American manufacturing jobs. Internationally, they have failed to uphold workers rights and environmental standards.

A Kucinich administration would return to bilateral trade conditioned on workers rights, human rights, and environmental quality principles.

Jobs: Putting America Back to Work IN America:

Dennis on Ohio jobs:

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Kerry, Edwards Failed To Vote For American Workers

With millions of unemployed Americans looking for work, Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-OH, co-sponsored a bill to extend unemployment benefits. After the bill was deadlocked by Republicans in committee, Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-WA, attempted on Thursday 26 February to amend a bill before the Senate to approve an extension of benefits.

The vote required a three-fifths majority to carry. Even though 11 Republicans joined Democrats in voting of the amendment, it failed by two votes: Sens. John Kerry and John Edwards were ABSENT.

Millions of unemployed Americans lost a chance for hope Thursday, as Sens. John Kerry, D-MA and John Edwards, D-NC, missed a key vote that could have extended benefits through June 30. The votes of Kerry and Edwards would have tipped the scale in favor of American workers.

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Reader says story downplayed local support for Kucinich
Lou Gelfand, Star Tribune

Published February 29, 2004


Reporting attendance figures for a presidential candidate's speech is what nourishes both the candidate and his supporters, maintains John Sherman, a Dennis Kucinich believer.

That spurred him to critique last Sunday's story headlined, "Edwards, Kucinich woo Twin Cities."

Its second paragraph said that Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina "flashed his Southern-fried charm and stump speaking skills before an overflow crowd of nearly 2,000 at a union hall in St. Paul."

But, wrote Sherman, "at exactly the same time the main floor of Northrop Auditorium at the University of Minnesota was almost completely filled with 3,000 people for Kucinich," and the only reference to it in the story were the words, "Other [Kucinich] rallies at Carleton College in Northfield and the University of Minnesota were scheduled for later in the day."

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Democratic hopeful vows to stay in race

By David E. Graham

February 28, 2004

Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich brought his campaign to San Diego yesterday, saying he is in the race through to the Democratic National Convention, even though he trails at the ballot box and in the polls.

"If this were 'Survivor,' " Kucinich said in an analogy to the TV show in which competitors are voted out, "the trees would be gone before I am."

The Ohio congressman spoke to a late afternoon rally of almost 100 people on a plaza in the Gaslamp Quarter downtown, sounding some of his themes, among the most liberal being espoused in the race.

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Posted on Fri, Feb. 27, 2004

Dan Rather has low expectations for Sunday's Democratic `debate'


The Dallas Morning News

DALLAS - (KRT) - The title is debatable. CBS calls it Countdown to Super Tuesday: The Democrats Debate. Moderator Dan Rather demurs.

"I decline to call them debates, because they aren't," he said in a telephone interview. "Not by any proper dictionary term, anyway." (Side note - look at Rather's own remarks about the state of journalism today)

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Auburndale group weighs presidential choices
By Ayala Ben-Yehuda 02/26/2004

Three Democratic presidential candidates — or rather representatives of their campaigns — squared off on Iraq, the economy and electability at a Jefferson Democratic Club forum in Auburndale last Thursday.

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by Thomas McCullock
In last night's debate between the democratic candidates, Dennis Kucinich challenged both John Kerry and John Edwards to pledge to cancel NAFTA to protect jobs. Both refused, claiming they would instead "fix" NAFTA.

As Mr. Kucinich points out, that's impossible. We do not have the authority to do so, the WTO would simply overrule any such attempt. Our only option is to withdraw from this misguided treaty which has for years enslaved the poor in other countries, and now steals jobs from American workers.

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Friday, February 27, 2004

The Job Loss Tornado:

As was predicted by a laughed-at Ross Perot, the "great sucking sound" of American jobs fleeing the country is in full howl. Thank you, NAFTA, thank you, WTO, thank you, China Trade Agreement.

When the time came to decide wether or not to start up the great job loss tornado, both Kerry and Edwards puckered up and BLEW. Now they want to take their beanie-cap propellers and fan a little breeze and a lot of smoke here and there, tweaking these monstrous trade agreements, the Free Jobs For Foreign Workers Agreement Collection. Kerry wants to give us three months notice before we give more jobs away to countries with far lower wages forever.

ONLY Dennis Kucinich voted against NAFTA and the WTO. ONLY Dennis Kucinich has vowed to repeal these agreements as fast as the treaties allow if elected. ONLY Dennis Kucinich makes less than $100,000.00 per year of these candidates. ONLY Dennis Kucinich has a full and detailed plan to create new jobs by rebuilding our infrastructure and implementing clean energy produced right here at home. ONLY Dennis Kucinich believes what he is saying and will follow through on it without delay or hesitation. ONLY Dennis Kucinich would make manufacturing capabilities a national security priority.

I would strongly suggest that everyone remember which side their bread is buttered on, and walk their "made in China" shoes right on down to their voting booth. That's where WE decide whether or not to keep on blowing jobs right on out of America.

Dan Stafford

Kerry, Edwards Refuse to Join Kucinich in Protecting U.S. Jobs
February 26, 2004

Contact: Terre Lundy/Matt Harris: (216) 889-2004,

Congressman Dennis Kucinich tonight challenged Senators John Edwards and John Kerry to save American jobs by joining him in his pledge to cancel the North American Free Trade Agreement. Both refused.

In a nationally televised debate on CNN, Kucinich said that because of NAFTA and the U.S.'s membership in the World Trade Organization, not only are American jobs being "outsourced" to foreign countries, but the U.S. is powerless to stop foreign nations from unfair competitive practices. Kucinich cited an occasion when Congress was unable to protect American steel jobs from foreign competition because the WTO overruled the legislation.

Kucinich renewed his pledge to cancel NAFTA and the WTO by executive order as his first act in office.

Neither Kerry nor Edwards would commit to canceling NAFTA. Kerry voted for NAFTA and has consistently voted for other comparable trade agreements. Kerry and Edwards both voted for the China trade agreement.

Kucinich has been consistent in his opposition to so-called free trade.

Edwards and Kerry both discussed plans to "fix" the trade agreements. The fact is they cannot be altered. Any proposed change can be overruled by the WTO.

Free trade agreements have resulted in the loss of millions of American manufacturing jobs. Internationally, they have failed to uphold workers rights and environmental standards.

A Kucinich administration would return to bilateral trade conditioned on workers rights, human rights, and environmental quality principles.

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Dennis on Ohio jobs:

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Thursday, February 26, 2004

Forget Nader, Hug Kucinich

By Adam Werbach, AlterNet
February 23, 2004

Ralph Nader is running for president. Big deal. For those of you cooking up schemes to derail his bid for the presidency, I urge you to give him exactly the attention he deserves. None. Angry opposition is exactly what Nader needs to turn his last stand into the Alamo. At the moment he has as much support as the guy who walks around San Francisco with a sign that says the Martians have landed.

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Kucinich Demands Greenspan Resignation
February 26, 2004
Congressman and presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich yesterday renewed his demand that Alan Greenspan resign after the Federal Reserve Chairman testified before the House Budget Committee advocating cutting Social Security benefits to deal with the deficit. Kucinich believes ordinary Americans and future generations should not have to carry the burden of tax cuts for the rich.
A Brokered Convention

a message from Pat Soberanis
forwarded by Brian Piergrossi
forwarded to you by The People For Peace Project
Hi everyone.
The facts below about delegates and the implications of a brokered convention are important to forward to all Kucinich supporters. I myself was not aware of several facts below and I know many others are not as well. So please read and forward.

By the way, for those who don't know, Dennis just had his best showing yet, getting over 30% of the vote in Hawaii, coming in second and beating John Edwards yet again, but of course the corporate conglomerate media doesn't want anybody to know that. Find ways and tools to become your own source of media. Keep up the great work.

This week's topic: A BROKERED CONVENTION

This week I met several people who came down from Seattle to
help get out the vote in California. I found out that Kucinich got
25% of the vote in counties - whole counties! - where there
was a strong door-to-door campaign - and in one woman's
precinct, he got 48%! Note to self: One-on-one discussion is
the key to overcoming a media blackout.

I also learned how convoluted the delegate selection process
is in the different states, and why Kucinich could well end up
with far more than the delegates he has now... Kucinich isn't
worried about the delegate count: He knows it will probably
be a brokered convention in July.

For one thing, the delegate counts you hear about in the
media are merely projections based on the statewide votes:
Kerry gets 40% in Wisconsin; they give him 40% of
Wisconsin's delegates. Kucinich gets 3%; they give him no
delegates, because you have to get 15 percent of the vote
to get even one delegate.

Two very important things they don't take into account: (1)
The 15% minimum applies to each *congressional district*
as well as the statewide tallies; and (2) Some states, such
as Iowa and Washington, will take weeks to select their
delegates, because they do not select them by direct
vote; instead, they select county delegates, who then
convene and select state delegates, who then convene
to select delegates for the national convention in July. So
we won't have a final count for months, and it could
change radically between now and then.

Here's another reason Kucinich isn't worried about his
small delegate count: With 500 or so delegates projected
for Kerry, and over 2,300 needed to win the nomination,
he would have to get virtually all of the remaining state
primary delegates, as well as most of the 800 or so
superdelegates, to win on the first vote, because he's
only been getting 40-50% of the vote in the primaries so far.

All of the Dean delegates - and he's asking his supporters
to vote for him anyway, even though he dropped out -
and all of the delegates that were split by candidates that
didn't get the required 15% vote - cannot go to Kerry on
the first vote. Repeat: The "floater" delegates (my term,
not the party's) cannot vote for Kerry on the first ballot
at the convention. They cannot because delegates are
pledged to vote only for their candidate on the first
ballot, and these are not Kerry delegates.

Therefore, the nominee will not be selected on the
first ballot. For the first time since 1952, this will be
a "brokered convention."

You see, after the first ballot, delegates are not bound
to vote for the candidate who sent them. But they
can negotiate: If you want our block of delegates, you
have to give us our plank in the party platform that
the nominee runs on. Or you have to pledge to appoint
our candidate to your cabinet if you win. And so on.

So, as Dennis says, this is the 135th mile of a 500-
mile race, and a lot can happen between now and then.
Who would have expected that Dean - who burned
through the entire $41 million he raised last year in
Iowa and New Hampshire alone - would have crashed
so spectacularly?

A lot can happen between now and the July convention.
This is your once-in-a lifetime chance to vote for an
honest politician. I guarantee you will not regret it.

Vote for Dennis Kucinich for President. He is absolutely
incorruptable, a man of and for the people, the Abe
Lincoln of our time. He is exactly what we have all
been waiting for.

Pat Soberanis

This message is being forwarded by The People For Peace Project

Wake up, America: Dennis Kucinich has hit the big time!

"Dennis is the most humble candidate I've ever met. Most politicians wear an
aura of hubris because they've already been bought and paid for. Dennis will
go to the White House as the best chance you've had since Abe Lincoln to see
a man's true character as he dons the mantle of Leader of the Free World." -
Michelle Shocked

The race for the Democratic nomination has reached a critical point. Less
than a quarter of delegates have been assigned (see table showing the
schedule of Democratic primaries), and of these the front-runner, Sen. John
Kerry, has just over half. The mass media have been calling it a two-horse
race between Kerry and Sen. John Edwards.

But wait! Who's that dark horse coming up on the outside? It's Rep. Dennis
Kucinich of Ohio!

Dennis took second place with 30% of the vote in the Hawaii primary on Feb.
24. 30% is the BIG TIME, folks. To put this result in context: aside from
Kerry, the only candidates to get 30% or more in ANY state so far are Dean
in Washington (30%); Clark in Oklahoma (30%); and Edwards in his home state
of South Carolina (45%), Wisconsin (34%) and Oklahoma (30%).

Dennis's success comes as no surprise to those who have been following his
upward progress: 5.6% in New Mexico, 8% in Washington, 16% in Maine...
Already more than 100,000 people have voted for Dennis in the primaries and
caucuses held to date. These people didn't vote
for Dennis because they liked his name or because they accidentally marked
the wrong box on the ballot. They did it because they want Dennis Kucinich
to be President.

Do these 100,000 people know something that the rest of America is still
waiting to hear? Who is Dennis Kucinich and what does he stand for?

Dennis led the opposition in Congress to both the Iraq war and the Patriot
Act, and won the 2003 Gandhi Peace Award for his stand against the war. He
promises to hand over control of Iraq to the UN within 90 days of taking
office, to repeal the Patriot Act which has butchered civil liberties, to
cut the bloated Pentagon budget by 15% to pay for free education and health
care for all Americans, and cancel the GATT and NAFTA trade agreements which
have wiped out millions of jobs... He takes no money from any corporate
donor and most of the donations he receives come in chunks of under $100. He
himself is one of the least wealthy candidates ever to run for president,
with an estimated net worth of under $60,000. He has defeated Republican
incumbents four times in his career (for city councilman, Mayor of
Cleveland, state senator and Congress), and in his fourth term now holds 74%
of the vote in a congressional district with a Republican majority. Not only
can Dennis beat Bush, but he will fix the corrupt system dominated by
corporate interests which put Bush into power.

Compare the other three candidates still in the race:

- Al Sharpton, who has never held elected office;
- Sen. John Edwards of South Carolina, a right-wing Democrat and one-term
senator, who voted for the Iraq war and the Patriot Act;
- Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts, an elitist politician in the Al Gore
mould, heavily backed by media and other special interests, who also voted
for the Iraq war and the Patriot Act, who is a member of the same "Skull and
Bones" secret society as Bush... Kerry, if nominated, would bring us a
re-run of Gore v Bush, except this time without the advantage of incumbency.

The choice is clear, and there can be little doubt that Dennis Kucinich
presents the greatest threat to Bush and his billionaire backers. But the
companies that control the mass media don't want Americans to have that
choice, and they have imposed a media blackout on his campaign. At times
this reaches the point of absurdity. Associated Press reported the results
of the Hawaii primary as follows: "Kerry first... Edwards third"! Meanwhile
the CNN website gives Dennis just 26% in Hawaii, whereas the horse's mouth,
the Hawaii Democratic Party reports 30% (and this is expected to rise when
results from the last few districts come in.) Dennis's message of peace and
justice is anathema to the corporate-owned media. It comes down to this: If
we want Dennis' message to reach the American people, we'll have to carry it
ourselves by whatever means we can find.

Time is critical! Next Tuesday, March 2, is the biggest date in the
Democratic primary calendar (see table). Ten states vote on the same day:
California, Connecticut, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts (Kerry's home
state), Minnesota, New York, Ohio (Dennis's home state), Rhode Island and
Vermont: all told, more than a third of delegates to the Boston convention
are up for grabs on a single day. March 2, 2004 will go down as a turning
point in the history of American democracy. Let's turn towards peace and
justice and choose the Presidential candidate who best represents those
qualities: Dennis Kucinich.

Please forward this message ( to
everyone you know in these states and across the nation. And please visit
Dennis's website,, to find out how you can help the
campaign. People are more than just votes -- to save democracy in the US, we
need your help, not just your vote. We need to maintain and build a
nationwide network if Dennis Kucinich is to win, not just the primaries, but
also the nomination at the Democratic convention in Boston in July, and
ultimately win the Presidential election.

Take heart and good luck!

Robert Alcock,, February 25, 2004
February 6, 2004

Former Iraq administrator sees decades-long U.S. military presence

By Amy Svitak Klamper, CongressDaily

Retired Army Lt. Gen. Jay Garner, the former interim administrator of
post-conflict reconstruction efforts in Iraq, said Thursday that a U.S.
military presence in Iraq should last "the next few decades," but questioned
the mix of forces already there and current plans to reconfigure the armed
forces as a whole.

Echoing concerns raised by lawmakers at this week's defense budget hearings,
Garner said in an interview with National Journal Group reporters and editors
that the size of the Army and Marine Corps should be increased by enlarging the
infantry or ground forces. And he warned that the current strain on National
Guard and Reserve forces deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan could cripple efforts
to retain experienced soldiers.


Asked how long U.S. forces should remain in Iraq, Garner said, "I hope they're
there a long time."

Read the entire article at
Dennis Wows Maui

By John Nichols, The Nation
February 26, 2004

Democratic frontrunner John Kerry coasted on Not-So-Super Tuesday, winning three more states as Idaho, Utah and Hawaii quietly picked delegates to the Democratic National Convention. Kerry had no trouble dispatching John Edwards, the North Carolina senator who is generally portrayed as the last serious threat to the Massachusetts senator's frontrunner status. Kerry beat Edwards by 33 points in Ohio, 32 points in Idaho and 25 points in Utah.

In fact, the candidate who came closest to Kerry wasn't even Edwards.

The candidate who gave the Democratic frontrunner the best run for his money on Tuesday was Dennis Kucinich, who won a respectable 26.1 percent of the vote in Hawaii to Kerry's 49.8 percent.

(Full Story)


March 2004

Issue No. 9, February 26, 2004
Editor: Larry Sherwood, Interstate Renewable Energy Council

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(1) TEXAS Highway Rest Stops Powered by Wind
(2) NORTH CAROLINA Wind Turbine Promotes Core Mission at Apple Farm
(3) VIRGINIA Small Wind Incentives Program Announced
(4) PENNSYLVANIA Awards $5 million in Energy Harvest Grants
(5) IOWA Net Metering Case in the National News
(6) MINNESOTA Incentive for Small-Wind Systems Fully Subscribed
(7) Web Site Helps with Farm Bill Funding for 2004
(8) Small Wind State Stakeholders to Meet
(9) Global Windpower 2004 Conference
(10) Northeast Wind Energy Teachers Workshops
(11) ICMA to Host Wind Energy Webcast
(12) Upcoming Small Wind Events

(13) WISCONISN - Interconnection Standards Become Law
(14) NEVADA - PUC Adopts Interconnection Rules, Raises Net Metering Limit

(15) ILLINOIS Clean Energy Community Foundation Grants
(16) NORTH DAKOTA Wind Personal Tax Credit

(17) Links to State Regulatory and Net Metering Information
(18) ONTARIO Small Wind Fact Sheet

(19) Boston Globe

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(1) TEXAS Highway Rest Stops Powered by Wind
Two Texas highway rest stops now feature wind turbines. The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) paid for the installations as part of its regular rest stop rebuilding program. The Alternative Energy Institute (AEI) installed the turbines and will operate them for two years. AEI will also train TxDOT personnel to evaluate problems, monitor turbine performance, and perform simple repairs and after two years, TxDOT will be responsible for the turbines. Full article.

(2) NORTH CAROLINA Wind Turbine Promotes Core Mission at Apple Farm
Ron and Suzanne Joyner operate a small orchard and nursery that specializes in preserving antique and heirloom apples in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina. With the help of a small wind turbine, they’re also looking to preserve old-fashioned self-reliance. The Joyners’ 75-acre apple farm near Lansing features all the modern appliances of American life, yet they are not connected to the power grid. Full article.

(3) VIRGINIA Small Wind Incentives Program Announced
The James Madison University Office of the Virginia Wind Energy Collaborative (VWEC) announces the first solicitation for applications to the Virginia Small Wind Incentives Program (VSWIP). This innovative program seeks to make the purchase and installation of small wind turbines more economically feasible for Virginia landowners. Full article.

(4) PENNSYLVANIA Awards $5 million in Energy Harvest Grants
The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection announced 32 grant recipients who will receive $5 million in state Energy Harvest grants. These grants will leverage another $13 million in private funds to promote advanced energy technologies proven to generate jobs, improve air quality, preserve land, protect watersheds and enhance energy security. Six of the grant projects include small wind turbines. Full article.

(5) IOWA Net Metering Case in the National News
National Public Radio’s “Morning Edition” featured a story on the net metering tribulations of an Iowa farmer as he wrestles with his electric cooperative over net metering for a 65 kW wind turbine he installed. The story covered the volumes of litigation between the cooperative utility and Greg Swecker and included an extensive interview with Mr. Swecker. To the best recollection of all the advocates of net metering, this is the first time the issue has been presented to a national media audience. Full article.

(6) MINNESOTA Incentive for Small-Wind Systems Fully Subscribed
The Minnesota Department of Commerce (MDC) announced on November 7 that its production incentive for small-scale wind systems that are rated at less than 2 MW has reached its capacity. Full article.

(7) Web Site Helps with Farm Bill Funding for 2004
A new web site provides information if you are considering applying for funding available through the “Farm Bill,” Section 9006. Operated by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, will help potential renewable energy applicants navigate the many complexities of the funding process. Full article.

(8) Small Wind State Stakeholders to Meet
Small Wind State Stakeholders will meet will be the morning of April 2 in Chicago as part of the Wind Power America State Summit immediately after the Global Windpower 2004 Conference. This meeting will share information between the states and follow-up on some of the priority issues identified at last year’s meeting. Full article.

(9) Global Windpower 2004 Conference
The American Wind Energy Association presents Global Windpower 2004 on March 28-31 in Chicago, IL. Pre-conference seminars will include a full-day session, Taking Small Wind to the Next Level: Reaching Industry Goals. Full article.

(10) Northeast Wind Energy Teachers Workshops
These full day workshops will appeal to middle/high school science teachers who are interested in renewable energy, physics, engineering and design. No knowledge of wind energy is required to attend the workshop and they are offered free of charge. Full article.

(11) ICMA to Host Wind Energy Webcast
The International City/County Management Association (ICMA) will host a webcast, Wind Energy: Opportunities for Local Governments, on March 24, 2004, to inform local governments about wind energy opportunities for their jurisdictions. Full article.

(12) Upcoming Small Wind Events
Listing of upcoming small wind events.

Check the Interstate Renewable Energy Council’s Connecting to the Grid web site for the latest interconnection news.

(13) WISCONISN - Interconnection Standards Become Law
Wisconsin's interconnection standards became law on February 1, 2004. The new rules define the application procedures that utilities and customers must observe during the application process. Full article.

(14) NEVADA - PUC Adopts Interconnection Rules, Raises Net Metering Limit
On December 17, 2003, the Nevada Public Utilities Commission (PUC) voted to adopt interconnection rules for customers of Nevada Power or Sierra Pacific Power with new on-site generation. By ensuring that the state's new rules are largely consistent with proposed the IEEE 1547 standards, California Rule 21, and the NARUC model interconnection agreement, Nevada has positioned itself at the forefront of interconnection standards nationwide. Full article.

New Incentives reported by DSIRE. The Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy (DSIRE) is a comprehensive source of information on state, local, utility, and selected federal incentives that promote renewable energy. To access state-by-state incentives and policies that promote wind energy technologies, click here and select "wind" from the drop-down menu.

(15) ILLINOIS Clean Energy Community Foundation Grants
Nonprofit organizations and local or state government agencies may apply for funding for small-scale solar or wind generation systems through the "rolling review" process. Eligible small wind turbine projects will receive $500 per kW, with a maximum system capacity of 20 kW. Foundation funding for these systems will be limited such that no more than 80% of the total cost of a project is being provided by the ICECF and by government renewable energy funding programs. Nonprofit organizations and state or local government agencies with wind projects larger than 20 kW may seek funding in the January or July competitive grant cycles. Full article.

(16) NORTH DAKOTA Wind Personal Tax Credit
This statute allows any taxpayer - individual or corporation - to claim an income tax credit of 3% per year for five years for the cost of equipment and installation of a geothermal, solar, or wind energy device. Full article.


Click here for archived articles and links to Small Wind Resources.

(17) Links to State Regulatory and Net Metering Information

(18) ONTARIO Small Wind Fact Sheet
The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food released a Fact Sheet, Electricity Generation Using Small Wind Turbines at Your Home or Farm. The 12-page document was written by Steve Clarke. Full article.


(19) Boston Globe, February 12, 2004, Residents wary of school turbine. Full article.


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Great Lakes News: 26 February 2004
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Board backs off call for smelt ban, urges harvest limits
The Wisconsin Natural Resources Board eased up Tuesday on a plan to stop
commercial smelt fishing on Green Bay and instead recommended strict harvest
limits for the plummeting fish population. Source: Green Bay Press-Gazette

COMMENTARY: EPA on track with limiting mercury emissions by plants
After nearly a decade of discussion and debate, the Environmental Protection
Agency last December proposed a rule to permanently cap and reduce mercury
emissions from power plants. Source: Detroit Free Press (2/26)

Wolverine State finally has one . . . but how?
There has never been a confirmed sighting of a wild wolverine in Michigan --
until Tuesday. Source: Detroit Free Press (2/26)

Suburbs split on water purchase
Green Bay's suburbs voted Wednesday to buy Lake Michigan drinking water to
replace their dwindling supply of radium-tainted groundwater. Source: Green
Bay Press-Gazette (2/26)

County, state behind on air quality inspections
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has issued a notice saying the
state of Wisconsin was not complying with certain federal environmental
regulations, including air quality inspections in Marathon County. Source:
Wausau Daily Herald (2/26)

Clean water campaign continues at Capitol
Chanting "Clean our Water. Clean it up," more than 200 people rallied at the
Minnesota State Capitol Wednesday, urging lawmakers to adopt policies and
pay for programs to improve and protect Minnesota's water quality. Source:
Duluth New Tribune (2/26)

EDITORIAL: Keep farms functional
The livestock-siting legislation that Agriculture Secretary Rod Nilsestuen
is currently promoting is sincerely wrong for Wisconsin. Source: The
Capital Times (2/26)

Muskie study yielding answers
A project to gauge the viability of several genetic strains of muskies is
well underway in Illinois. Source: The Pantagraph (2/26)

Indiana fights summer's gypsy moths
As most people's thoughts are turning to warmer weather and baseball, state
entomologists' thoughts are again turning to the bugs of summer. Source:
The Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette (2/26)

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Auburndale group weighs presidential choices

Three Democratic presidential candidates — or rather representatives of their campaigns — squared off on Iraq, the economy and electability at a Jefferson Democratic Club forum in Auburndale last Thursday.

(Full Story)
ENN Environmental News Network
E-mail Edition 02/26/2004

EarthTalk: Where did curbside recycling in the United States get started?
Municipal recycling programs in the United States have grown at a steady pace since the 1940's, with several national computer recycling programs now providing solutions to growing volumes of obsolete high-tech equipment.

Kazakhs, ENI sign deal on Kashagan oil for 2008
An ENI-led consortium of foreign oil firms signed a deal on Wednesday agreeing to delay first production from the mammoth Kashagan oilfield in the Caspian Sea until 2008, Kazakh officials said Wednesday.

Venezuelan development plans challenged by Guyana
A lawyer on Wednesday filed a Supreme Court challenge to President Hugo Chavez's decision to allow foreign companies to drill for oil and gas in a region disputed with Guyana, calling it an unconstitutional violation of Venezuela's sovereignty.

National Zoo chief in U.S. quits after critical report
The U.S. National Zoo's director resigned on Wednesday, hours after an expert panel criticized the park's handling of animals, including the deaths of two red pandas, a zebra and an elephant.

Protesting fishers continue occupation on Galapagos Islands
Fishermen demanding an end to regulations aimed at protecting the Galapagos Islands occupied national park buildings on two of the islands for a fifth day Wednesday, blocking tourist access to the archipelago's unique giant tortoises, officials said.

Washington D.C. warns about lead in water
City health officials are warning pregnant women and children under 6 who live in homes with lead service lines to stop drinking unfiltered tap water and have their blood tested.

Iran proposes war of 'Comb Jellies' in Caspian Sea
Iran on Wednesday proposed introducing a new jellyfish-like species into the Caspian Sea, to devour gelatinous relatives that are wiping out fish stocks in the inland sea.

Is Golden Rice the crop to prove GM's worth?
It will still take years, if it ever happens, before genetically modified (GM) Golden Rice reaches the millions of children threatened with blindness or premature death due to vitamin A deficiency.

U.N. Disease early warning system established
When Sudanese refugees reported that people were dying of a disease that caused fever and bleeding, alarm bells rang within hours at the World Health Organization (WHO) in far away Geneva.

Beaver populations expanding in Tierra del Fuego Argentina
The Great Beaver Plague, as some furious locals call it, began in 1946 with the same good but misguided intentions that have presaged countless other ecological disasters. That year, Argentina's former military government imported 25 pairs of beavers from Canada, hoping they would multiply and create a fur industry among the chilly, lush forests on this large island at the very tip of South America.

Environmental Marketplace Update (Become a Member)

We'd like to encourage you to visit our Environmental Marketplace where you'll learn about some amazing environmentally-focused businesses. A few examples:

A Happy Planet, San Francisco's original and oldest natural fiber home furnishing's company. They are opening a new organic bedding showroom to let customers try organic mattresses, pillows, comforters, toppers and other chemical-free bedding accessories. Read their story

Island Press, demonstrating how new ideas and new thinking can unleash solutions to environmental problems. They have just published a new book entitled "Politics, Pollution, and Pandas: An Environmental Memoir" written by Russell Train, the first of the EPA's nine administrators to publish a candid memoir about the EPA. Read the story

Global Exchange Online Fair Trade Store markets fairly-traded products. Did you know that America is the world's largest chocolate consumer, and in 2000 alone, they consumed 3.3 billion pounds of chocolate? Read more about fair trade chocolate, dedicated to the principle that the lives of all animals have inherent value. Their article antitled "Mad Cat Disease?" sheds light on mad cow disease and our pet food supply. Read the article

Message!Products, helping to fund important animal, environmental, and social organizations. Learn how you can make a difference

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Direct from non-profit environmental and educational organizations.

Sustainable Forestry and Certification Watch:
North American Leaders in Sustainable Forestry and Procurement to Meet in Vancouver
Candidate Nader Threatens Democrats

The unanimous denunciations of Ralph Nader's decision to run (Commentary, Feb. 24) — when do we see Michael Ramirez and Robert Scheer in agreement? — calls for a response. Nader will no doubt receive many fewer votes this year than in 2000; even if he overcomes extremely restrictive ballot access laws in many states, many who voted for him then will not this time. The likelihood of his influencing electoral college votes this year is much less than it was four years ago.

Nader raises issues that otherwise will not receive national attention. Even though Dennis Kucinich agrees with Nader on many topics, the mainstream media hardly notice him. By remaining in the race until November, Nader will be able to keep the issues alive...(Full Story)
Published on Thursday, February 26, 2004
Kucinich Discusses Iraq Policy

Crimson Staff Writer

U.S. Congressperson and presidential hopeful Dennis J. Kucinich, D-Ohio, discussed the need for global cooperation and answered wide-ranging questions from hundreds of mostly elderly supporters at Harvard Law School (HLS) yesterday.

The talk, sponsored by the HLS Democrats, was entitled “The Truth about Iraq.” Kucinich said that the concept of preemptive war was illegitimate and would actually result in increased danger to U.S. citizens.

(Full Story)
Kucinich's primary concern: the media

By Mark Jurkowitz, Globe Staff, 2/26/2004

Dennis Kucinich was only about a minute into his remarks at Brookline High School yesterday when the M-word surfaced. In describing the dynamic behind his long-shot presidential bid, Kucinich told the assemblage: "I understood I had to challenge the White House, people in my own party, and the media."

(Full Story)
Hawaii's decision

By Hunter Bishop/ Tribune-Herald

Democrats at the ILWU hall on West Lanikaula Street voted for their favorites among the party's candidates for president Tuesday night along with thousands of party members statewide.

As a light Hilo drizzle fell outside, new voters were being registered as Democrats as they walked through the door, then asked to cast a ballot for one among the six Democrats still running for the party's presidential nomination. Gil Kahele, District 3 chairman, said for the first time prospective voters could register and vote for a candidate at the same time...(Full Story)
Kucinich joins Peace-Makers at 3rd & Palou in HP
Kucinich On Campaign Trail in California
February 25, 2004

Contact: Terre Lundy/Matt Harris: (216) 889-2004,

Ohio Congressman and Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich will campaign in California on February 26th. Rep. Kucinich will be in Los Angeles.

Representative Kucinich's schedule for February 26th is as follows:Thursday,
February 26

Los Angeles, California
6:00 - 7:30 p.m. PT
CNN/LA Times Debate
Bovard Auditorium
3551 Trousdale Parkway
Larry King moderating with Ron Brownstein and Janet Clayton of the LA Times
Broadcast on CNN, CNN en español and CNN International

Los Angeles, California
7:45 - 8:45 p.m. PT
USC Social Work Building Room
(Behind Leavey Library)
Campaign Coordinator: Thia Stephen, (323) 377-8828

All items subject to change. More details will be posted as soon as available.

For information about the National campaign:

For Congressman Kucinich's Schedule:

To schedule an interview with Kucinich or a spokesperson:

Contact us:
Kucinich for President
11808 Lorain Avenue - Cleveland, OH 44111
216-889-2004 / 866-413-3664 (toll-free)
Kucinich: Alarming Statements By Iraqi and U.S. Leaders Reveal Deceit, Escalation Threats and Prolonged Occupation Strategy
February 25, 2004

Contact: Terre Lundy/Matt Harris: (216) 889-2004,

Ohio Congressman and Democratic presidential candidate Dennis J. Kucinich today drew attention to published yet all-but ignored reports that reveal the continuing, possibly escalating threat facing the U.S. military, as well as the prospect of diverting even more tens of billions of dollars to continue the occupation of Iraq.

Recent statements to foreign journalists by Iraqi leaders and the former head of the U.S. civilian presence there have received little or no attention in the U.S. press, but, taken together, they paint a picture of deceit, threatened civil uprisings, and a prolonged occupation that could last for decades.

In separate interviews in recent days, Iraqi Shiite Leader Seyyid Ali Al-Sistani warned that he would call for an intifada (uprising) if American soldiers stayed in Iraq after the handover of power on June 30, 2004; and Ahmed Chalabi, the head of the Iraqi National Congress (INC), said he was willing to take full responsibility for the INC's role in providing misleading intelligence to the President, Congress and the American public.

At the same time, retired Gen. Jay Garner, who was in charge of planning and administering postwar reconstruction from January through May 2003, compared U.S. goals in Iraq to U.S. military bases in the Philippines between 1898 and 1992. "Look back on the Philippines around the turn of the 20th century: they were a coaling station for the navy, and that allowed us to keep a great presence in the Pacific. That's what Iraq is for the next few decades: our coaling station that gives us great presence in the Middle East."

"At every step along the way, we have been lied to and misled," said Kucinich. "We were lied to about the reasons for going to war, the cost, the length of our occupation, and the real long-term agenda of the Bush Administration. Every American citizen should be outraged."

Statements to the London Daily Telegraph by Chalabi, whose INC received millions of dollars in taxpayer money over the past decade, strongly suggest he collaborated in providing the bad intelligence on which the U.S. invaded Iraq. "As far as we're concerned, we've been entirely successful," he told the newspaper. "That tyrant Saddam is gone and the Americans are in Baghdad. What was said before is not important. The Bush administration is looking for a scapegoat. We're ready to fall on our swords if he wants."

His admission to the newspaper gives support and evidence to those who suspect that Chalabi conspired with his supporters in and around the administration to take the United States to war on pretenses they knew, or had reason to know, were false.

The Telegraph reported that Chalabi merely shrugged off accusations his group had deliberately misled the administration. "We are heroes in error," he said.

Sistani, meanwhile, spoke to the German magazine Der Spiegel and said: "The U.S. presence in Iraq should not be prolonged. The Iraqi public knows how to act. If the U.S. presence is drawn out longer than necessary, I will call for an intifada." The necessary posters reportedly have already been printed and are awaiting distribution to every corner of the country. "There's been enough deception and more than enough bloodshed," said Kucinich, "but there continues to be no end in sight."

Kucinich has said that if he is elected, he will implement a plan to withdraw U.S. forces from Iraq within 90 days.

Kucinich has proposed a 10-point plan to deal with the Iraq occupation:

1. The United States must ask the United Nations to manage the oil assets of Iraq until the Iraqi people are self-governing.
2. The United Nations must handle all the contracts: No more Halliburton sweetheart deals, No contracts to Bush Administration insiders, No contracts to campaign contributors. All contracts must be awarded under transparent conditions.
3. The United States must renounce any plans to privatize Iraq. It is illegal under both the Geneva and the Hague Conventions for any nation to invade another nation, seize its assets, and sell those assets. The Iraqi people, and the Iraqi people alone must have the right to determine the future of their country's resources.
4. The United States must ask the United Nations to handle the transition to Iraqi self-governance. The U.N. must be asked to help the Iraqi people develop a Constitution. The U.N. must assist in developing free and fair elections.
5. The United States must agree to pay for what we blew up.
6. The United States must pay reparations to the families of innocent Iraqi civilian noncombatants killed and injured in the conflict.
7. The United States must contribute financially to the U.N. peacekeeping mission.
8. The United Nations, through its member nations, will commit 130,000 peacekeepers to Iraq on a temporary basis until the Iraqi people can maintain their own security.
9. U.N. troops will rotate into Iraq, and all U.S. troops will come home.
10. The United States will abandon policies of "preemption" and unilateralism and commit to strengthening the U.N.

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Kucinich-inspired Coast-to-Coast Peace Walk Culminates Sunday in San Francisco Ceremony
February 25, 2003

What: Coast-to-Coast Steps for Peace Walk Ends in San Francisco Closing Ceremony
Where: Herbst Theater, Veteran's War Memorial Building
When: Sunday, 2/29/04 3:00 PM

San Francisco -- A group of walkers inspired by Democratic presidential candidate and Gandhi Award recipient Dennis Kucinich winds up its Maine-to-California peace walk this coming Sunday (Feb 29) in San Francisco. The final leg of the more-than 3,500 mile Steps-for-Peace Walk will begin at Golden Gate Park at 11:00 AM and end at Herbst Theater -- the site where the United Nations charter was written in 1945 -- at 3:00 PM. The Steps-for Peace walkers will celebrate their journey across the American heartland with a closing ceremony and a prayer for America.

The trek across America began in Portland, Maine on October 17, 2003 and has covered 24 states. It was initiated by 21-year-old Iowan Jonathan Meier, who feels that the Kucinich platform embodies the principles he holds closest to his heart: nonviolence, sustainability, justice, and love. Along the way, more than 700 people have joined Jonathan, including four long-distance walkers, to carry the message of hope from coast to coast.

A wide-range of partners embraced the walkers during their journey: more than 1500 people in 42 states have volunteered their support as hosts, contributors, and organizers, and the walkers have directly met with more than 10,000 people. The journey is meant to highlight the steps for peace that Dennis Kucinich will take as President, including:

* Establishing a cabinet-level US Department of Peace
* Instituting universal single-payer health care for every America
* Getting the UN in, and the US out, of Iraq

The Steps for Peace walkers released this statement:

"We, as a nation, as a world, have started to forget that peace is a choice. We don't have to suffer. We don't have to continue to live in a world where human rights are violated, where workers aren't given fair wages, where large-scale corporations make our decisions for us, and where violence and fear are used to deal with our problems.

"This walk is a reminder to us and to the world that we can choose a better path for ourselves -- a grander and higher potential. We can choose peace over violence, love over fear, sustainability over destruction. Most importantly, we can choose a political system that is representative of these our basic wants and needs. And all of this can start when we choose to vote for Dennis J. Kucinich in the upcoming Democratic primary."

For more information:
Walkers are available for interviews. Please contact Amy Kaplan, (248) 943-2335,

Contact us:
Kucinich for President
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Kucinich Outpolls Edwards for Third Time, Draws Overflow Crowd in Kerry's Home State
February 25, 2004

Contact: Terre Lundy/Matt Harris: (216) 889-2004,

Ohio Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich surged to a strong second-place showing in Hawaii's Presidential caucuses yesterday, more than doubling the vote count of Sen. John Edwards. It was the third state in which Kucinich came in ahead of Edwards.

At the same time, on a two-day campaign swing through Kerry's home state of Massachusetts, Kucinich drew an enthusiastic, overflow crowd of more than 2,000 at an appearance last night at Smith College in Northampton, MA. Kucinich has a number of events throughout the state today.

According to the Associated Press, Kerry won 42% of the vote in Hawaii, Kucinich 30% and Edwards 13%. Kucinich previously came in ahead of Edwards in Washington and in Maine.

"The mainstream media have paid virtually no attention to the Congressman's campaign, but the voters certainly are," said a spokesperson from the Kucinich campaign. According to national research firms monitoring news coverage of the Democratic primaries, Kucinich has received only 1% of all the coverage. "Most news organizations aren't paying attention," said the campaign statement, "so they don't see what's happening. The voters are finding out through other means, and they're responding positively."

Kucinich also did better than expected in caucuses in Idaho and the primary in Utah yesterday. Based on results from previous elections, both states are expected to vote heavily Republican in November.

Congressman Kucinich's February 25 Massachusetts schedule is as follows:

Details (all subject to change):

10:00 - 11:30 a.m.
Amherst, Massachusetts
Get Out The Vote Rally
UMass Campus Center Auditorium
Elm St. and Prospect
Sponsored by UMASS Students for Kucinich

11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Springfield, Massachusetts
Get Out The Vote Rally
Outdoors at Springfield City Hall
36 Court Street

2:30 - 3:30 p.m.
Brookline, Massachusetts
Speech and Q&A
Brookline High School
115 Greenough Street

4:00 - 5:15 p.m.
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Speech and Q&A - The Truth About Iraq
Harvard Law School Campus
Ames Courtroom
Austin Hall

5:30 - 6:30 p.m.
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Get Out The Vote Rally
Outside the Church Street MBTA train station exit

6:30 - 7:20 p.m.
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Meetings with press
First Parish United Universalist Church
Zero Church Street

7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Speech and Q&A
First Parish United Universalist Church
Zero Church Street

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Kucinich: So-called "Marriage Amendment" Divisive, Not Worthy of a Freedom-loving People
February 24, 2004

Contact: Terre Lundy/Matt Harris: 216.889.2004,

Democratic Congressman and presidential candidate Dennis J. Kucinich releases the following remarks regarding President Bush‚s announcement about the proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would define marriage as the union between one man and one woman:

"I oppose the amendment. Equal protection of the law, including the right to marry, must be made available to all Americans regardless of race, color, creed or sexual orientation. The amendment as supported by the president is a continuation of his divisive policies which are not worthy of a free nation or a freedom-loving people."

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Published Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Kucinich files for state Democratic caucus

Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich filed today to participate in the Kansas Democratic caucus March 13.

Kucinich, an Ohio congressman, paid the $1,000 filing fee and joins Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts and Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina as participants in the caucus, said Mike Gaughan, director of operations for the Kansas Democratic Party. Edwards also paid the $1,000 filing fee to participate Tuesday.

(Full Story)

Odd Man In
Dennis Kucinich is nobody’s fool.

Last Friday, after seeing a gloating New York Times editorial published the day before about the Democratic primaries entitled, "And Now There Are Two," I called the campaign offices of Dennis Kucinich. I wanted to express my condolences on the death of their candidate. I assumed something terrible had happened both to him and to Al Sharpton; probably the two had been hit by a bus, or mauled to death by circus lions at a Jefferson-Jackson Democratic Party dinner in Sheboygan, Wisconsin… We Americans are a stoic people, we like to grieve in private, but on this occasion I thought I would at least make the gesture of calling and offering my support...(Full Story)

Here is a letter from Hawaii campaign co-organizer Ave Diaz:

February 25, 2004

Maui, Hawaii, Kucinich National Volunteers, Campaign Staff, and Congressman Dennis Kucinich deserve a big Mahalo (Thank you!) for sending a message of hope to the world! Come Celebrate Victory for Kucinich! Congratulations Maui! Kucinich won in all Maui County Districts! Seabuscuit came in right behind the War Admiral on this turn!

Kucinich Volunteers and the public are invited to a Victory Party at the Hard Rock Cafe in Lahaina! Get Ready to Celebrate and Rock the Vote!

The event will feature a special appearance by Carrie Dann, a Western Shoshone leader in political and legal battles to retain ancestral lands from being turned over to military control for testing weapons (of mass destruction). Date, Time and Music Guests forthcoming... We will send posters...more on this to come.

Maui made a great splash, sending out a positive wave to the rest of the nation, carrying the Progressive Kucinich message of hope and peace!

Mahalo to the many volunteers coordinating, communicating, speaking,organizing, recruiting, planning, writing, phoning, e-mailing, fundraising,cooking, sewing, talking, chalking, sign waving, networking, caucusing, and all the myriad of other tasks you all do to promote Dennis!

It is important to keep up the recruitment efforts for Super Tuesday and beyond 'till the very end, to stand united under the best candidate, Kucinich! Knowing we support Kucinich, the most honest, astute, peace promoting candidate, makes the heart leap gleefully like a little child on a bright beautiful day, full of promise.

In promoting Dennis, it is good to ask that if Kerry & Edwards were fooled twice into supporting an unecessary war, will they be fooled again?

Kucinich is the only candidate running who did not get fooled by the WMD lies, who instead of war will deliver: Universal Health Care, Social Security Benefits at 65, Withdrawal from NAFTA and WTO, Repeal of the "Patriot Act" the Right to Choose, Privacy and Civil Rights, Balance between Workers and Corporations, Guaranteed Quality Education, Pre-K through College, A Renewed Commitment to Peace and Diplomacy, Restored Rural Communities and Family Farms, Environmental Renewal and Clean Energy. Go Dennis, Go! Run Dennis, Run!!!!

Keep writing letters of appreciation to your local papers for what Dennis is doing, keep raising money for the campaign and keep responding to media alerts on Dennis at! We know that if the media slants toward Dennis, we will have a landslide. We have to convince the media to frame him as the winner! Minor...

Ho'omaluhia (Making Peace) for the World, with Kucinich!

Ave Diaz

Maui Turns Out for Kucinich
Honolulu Star-Bulletin Report on the Results
Hawaii Campaign Information