Saturday, July 09, 2016

Truthout Enviro-News: Sharing In A Time Of Climate Change

Adam Parsons, Share the World's Resources: The idea of sharing is emerging as a key theme in many areas of policy thinking and activism today, none more so than in civil society advocacy work on climate change.
Anna Meyer, OtherWords: The last time you ate at a restaurant, you probably weren't aware that your wait staff might be earning poverty-level wages -- or that transporting your food may have contributed unnecessarily to climate change. Despite their "family-friendly" image, chains like Olive Garden and Chili's are perpetuating a broken system.
Colin Samson, The Conversation: A controversial hydroelectric dam project in sub-Arctic Canada relies on local Innu people giving up their own lands. Canada is a supposed world leader on human rights, yet any country staking its economy upon energy production on the lands of Indigenous peoples is likely to disregard their rights.
Global Fish Stocks Depleted to "Alarming" Levels
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