Saturday, May 17, 2003

The following is the text of a letter I just faxed to both of my congressional (Fed) district Representatives, and to my Senator through the AWEA's political action website at Please, please, please, go to this site and spend a few minutes clicking on the links there! Every bit of support helps!

Dear Sirs and Maam,

It is my firm belief that developing wind energy in the Great Lakes region has enormous potential to benefit the local economy and the evironment at the same time.

The wind resources on the Great Lakes (offshore) is probably the third greatest in potential within the boundaries of the continental United States. Illinois is ranked 16th in on-shore potential, Wisconsin is 18th. We have a vast untapped resource here that could mean literally thousands of jobs, rental income for area farmers, and eventually an energy exporting local economy.

When you combine the potential of the hydrogen economy of the future and wind energy, the Great Lakes is in a unique position for inland sites in that we have both the raw material to produce hydrogen and a vast, clean energy source in the same place.

I support legislation that promotes wind, because with the right moves by regulators, educators, and manufacturers in our local area, we have the potential to drastically alter the economic and environmental landscape of this region in the coming decades. This will require great vision from our political leaders to do exactly that, lead the charge into an enriched future for The Great Lakes - starting with Illinois.

Regulatory policy supporting renewable energy sources and wind energy in particular will be beneficial for our region. Also, establishment of a center of higher learning and continuing education dedicated to these technologies and located within your own districts would lead to a huge advantage in skilled personnel, and an extensive knowledge base of local wind hot spots and area-specific data.

Your support and initiatives have the potential to reverse the decline in the local economy due to the migration of manufacturing jobs. Possibly, with the right moves, manufacturers of wind equipment might be persuaded to locate in this area. Almost certainly, energy producers will.

Please, give your full support to this critical technology. You may all become heroes to posterity in this region.


Daniel Stafford

The letter above is no exaggeration. I will offer every scrap of evidence I can find to show you reasons why. Next will be the speech I gave at the Benefit for Earthfest, and will be delivering again at Earthfest itself.

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