Saturday, June 08, 2013

Break the Oil Industry's Monopoly

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Oil is ruining our economy, our environment, our health, and our national security. It's time to end to the oil industry's monopoly and support the advancement of renewable fuel.
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Dear Daniel,

The oil industry stifles consumer choice, blocks cheaper options like renewable fuel, and makes more profits than any other industry in history.

It's time to break oil's monopoly and rally together to create a movement in favor of the environmentally friendly alternatives.

Adding insult to injury, the oil industry spends a significant portion of its profits lobbying to block cleaner sources of energy -- $49.6 million in 2012 alone. The money we spend at the pump is being used to fund the fight against cheaper, renewable options.

As long as oil remains the primary way we fuel our cars and trucks, we'll be stuck paying high prices set by an increasingly volatile global market.

Renewable fuels would reduce the price and environmental impact of transportation and increase consumer choice. You are the consumer; your choices dictate the market. Sign up now to support renewable fuel!


Thank you for taking action,

Colleen H. c
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