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June 16, 2013
Koalas Under Threat

Earlier this month, Australia's Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service (WIRES) rescued a male koala sitting atop the logged remnants of Vittoria State Forest in New South Wales. The koala, sitting out in broad daylight on top of a woodchip pile with trucks and…

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Superbugs in the Meat Supply
ground beef

A large percentage of meat products sold in the U.S. contain bacteria—such as salmonella and E. coli—that is resistant to antibiotics, according to a new government report. The National Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring System, a joint effort between the U.S. Centers…

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Where Have All the Oysters Gone?
Climate Change May Ruin Your Next Seafood Night

Seafood lovers hooked on $1 oyster nights may soon have to find a new source of comfort for the work-week blues.
Thanks to an increase of carbon in both the atmosphere and our water bodies (which absorb about a third of all carbon emissions), carbon munching critters like…

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What's Wrong with Hair Dye?
Most Dyes Contain a Chemical that Can Cause Dangerous Reactions

Salons and home color kits make it easy to say goodbye to grey hairs and roots, but sudden serious allergic reactions to hair dye are on the rise—even among those who have been using the same hair coloring product for years

"You can develop an allergy to a product at…

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New Funds for Renewables
Financing That Would Let Wind and Solar Compete

Dan Reicher is an expert in environmental policy, finance and technology who has served three presidents. He was a member of President Obama's Transition Team and served as Assistant Secretary of Energy under President Clinton. Currently, Reicher is the executive director…

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Eco Laundry Tips
Tips to Save Energy, Water and Money

Not only is laundry a necessary chore, but it's a huge drain on both water and electricity. The average household does almost 400 loads of laundry each year, requiring 13,500 gallons of water using traditional machines. And the dryer is the second largest energy-consuming…

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Home Breathable Home
10 Tips for Improving Indoor Air Quality

In order to manage the allergy symptoms that lead to asthma attacks, it's critical to control the indoor environment. Common indoor triggers include dust mites on pillows, blankets and stuffed animals; mold in bathrooms; dust and pet hair in carpeting; cleaning sprays and…

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Organic: Still a Small Slice of the Pie

Dear EarthTalk: I understand that, despite the popularity of organic foods, clothing and other products, organic agriculture is still only practiced on a tiny percentage of land worldwide. What's getting in the way?

– Larry McFarlane, Boston, MA

Organic production…

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The Colorado River: America's Most Endangered

Dear EarthTalk: Why was the Colorado River named the most endangered river of 2013?

– Missy Perkins, Jenkintown, PA

American Rivers, a leading non-profit dedicated to the conservation of rivers and riparian corridors across the U.S., recently unveiled its annual list…

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