Tuesday, June 21, 2016

BREAKING: Huge victory for renewable energy

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Subject: BREAKING: Huge victory for renewable energy
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Dear Daniel,

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We did it! Friends of the Earth is forcing California utility giant PG&E to close the state's last nuclear reactors at the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant. 

On top of that, we got PG&E to agree to replace Diablo Canyon with renewable energy, energy efficiency and storage. Plus, we won support for Diablo Canyon's workers in the transition to a clean-energy economy.

This is a huge victory in the fight to end dangerous nuclear power. And it is a roadmap for the shift to truly clean energy!

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This victory happened because of Friends of the Earth members like you, who have been supporting the organization in its fight to close Diablo Canyon since 1969. Three years ago, you helped us shut down the reactors at San Onofre. And now, you've helped make California go nuclear-free!

It shows that when we take bold and uncompromising stances on environmental issues, we can arrive at groundbreaking solutions.

This victory was built on decades of advocacy. There is still significant work to be done going forward. We need to make sure that Diablo Canyon really is replaced with clean renewable energy. We'll need you with us all the way to the end -- but today, it's time to celebrate.

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Erich Pica,
Friends of the Earth

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