Saturday, June 25, 2016

Truthout Enviro-News:

Elizabeth Walsh, IC Magazine: Despite their immense cultural and linguistic diversity, Indigenous peoples developed their ways of life in much the same way. By maintaining an intimate relationship with the land for generations on end, the languages, livelihoods, customs and cultures became inextricably linked to that same land.
Chelsea Skojec and Michael Sainato, Earth Island Journal: In recognition of the immense impact the continued degradation of the Everglades would have on humans and wildlife, the region is now also the focus of one of the most ambitious ecosystem restoration plans the world has ever seen.

TransCanada Files NAFTA Suit Demanding More Than $15 Billion for Keystone XL Rejection

Fields of Filth: Landmark Report Maps Feces-Laden Hog and Chicken Operations in North Carolina

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