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August 11, 2013
Trash Lessons from the Greenest City
san francisco recycling bins

San Francisco has been called the "greenest city in America" and when it comes to keeping garbage out of landfills, it's a title the city has earned. The city keeps an astonishing 80% of solid waste out of landfills, in part because residents not only use blue bins…

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Picking Organic Produce

On a budget and not sure what to buy organic at the supermarket? The Environmental Working Group (EWG)'s just-released 9th annual "Dirty Dozen" list documents pesticide contamination for 48 popular fruits and vegetables based on U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)…

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Clueless about Food and Agriculture?
Why Everyone has a Stake in the Farm Bill Fight

Outside of First Lady Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" campaign to urge kids to exercise more and eat better, this administration remains largely indifferent to the disaster that is the country's outdated food and agriculture policy. U.S. Department of Agriculture…

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Copenhagen—By Bike
Copenhagen Offers Green Spaces, Eco-Friendly Hotels and Organic Restaurants

Copenhagen has long been synonymous with cycling. With the city representing a green destination on the global radar, not only have the possibilities for public pedal power increased, but eco-friendliness is now reflected in the city's restaurants, caf├ęs, and hotels


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Letting in Lyme Disease
Lack of Biodiversity in Fragmented Forests Leads to Increased Spread of Lyme Disease

Forest fragmentation—when forests are cut down in such a way that only small parcels are left intact—leads to a higher incidence of Lyme disease according to a study published in the journal Conservation Biology. The white-footed mouse is one of the prime carriers of…

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Slice of Life: Snowglobe
A 3-D Sculpture of Salvaged Materials by Caleb Weintraub

"They said it would happen this way. Storms would come. The ground would crack. Ice caps would melt and the oceans would freeze. The air would grow thick and unbreathable. We'd be forced into domes…" A larger-than-life 3-D sculpture by Caleb Weintraub featuring salvaged…

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How Green Is That…Rain Gear?
Umbrellas, Boots and Slickers that Are Keeping It Green

Ready to suit up for the wet weather and in the market for new gear? Stay dry with umbrellas, boots and slickers that can withstand the elements while keeping resource use to a minimum.

1. Each umbrella ($45) from Monsoon Vermont is unique—colorfully crafted from…

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Sharing is Caring

Dear EarthTalk: Some green groups are promoting the simple notion of sharing as a way to green communities and combat waste. Can you explain?

– Becky Lipscomb, Centereach, NY

The convergence of environmental awareness and consumer culture has created a whole new…

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