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Fuel cells are beginning to gain global traction

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Fuel cells are beginning to gain global traction Fuel cells are beginning to gain global traction
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August 12, 2014 -


Fuel cells are beginning to gain global traction

Demand for clean technology is on the rise as the world begins to embrace renewable energy Grand View Research has published a new report concerning global fuel cell capacity. Renewable energy is becoming a major priority for many countries around the world, and some of these countries are beginning to look to fuel cells to […]READ MORE

Project aims to bring fuel cells to South African village

New partnership will examine the energy needs of rural communities in South Africa Anglo American Platinum has partnered with Ballard Power Systems, a leading developer of fuel cells, and Eskom, a public utility in South Africa. Through this partnership, the companies will work to power a small South African village using nothing but fuel cells. […]READ MORE

Demand for fuel cells is on the rise in the UK

Ceres Power wins funding from the Technology Strategy Board through ambitious initiative Ceres Power, a renewable energy company based in the United Kingdom, has announced that it has been awarded funding from the UK's Technology Strategy Board through the Fuel Cell Manufacturing and Supply Chain initiative. This initiative is meant to promote better manufacturing methods […]READ MORE

Can Renewable Energy Survive Without Government Support?

Clean energy is becoming a priority for many countries throughout the world. In small, developing countries, renewable energy represents economic growth and sustainability. In large countries, the economic aspects of clean power are also attractive, but energy is more of a politic matter rather than an environmental one. Many large countries are supporting clean energy[…]READ MORE

Air Products adds new vehicle to UK fleet to support hydrogen fuel infrastructure

Air Products is bolstering its hydrogen delivery fleet before fuel cell vehicles hit the streets Air Products, a leading producer of chemical gases, has announced that it is expanding its hydrogen tube trailer fleet in the United Kingdom. These vehicles are used by the company to transport hydrogen fuel under high pressures. The vehicles will […]READ MORE 




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