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Landfill gas could be transformed into hydrogen fuel

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Landfill gas could be transformed into hydrogen fuel Landfill gas could be transformed into hydrogen fuel
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August 19, 2014 -


Landfill gas could be transformed into hydrogen fuel

A new technique can turn smelly methane gas that pollutes the air into clean energy. According to a research report that is part of the 248th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, researchers have developed a catalyst that could eventually convert landfill gas into hydrogen fuel, a clean and efficient form of power, which […]​READ MORE

The Difference Between Fuel Cell Vehicles and Electric Vehicles

Clean transportation is a trend that has emerged in the auto industry that will not disappear any time soon. Much of the auto industry has taken up the call for the production of zero-emission vehicles and a new generation of these vehicles is expected to launch within the next few years. In the coming decades,[…]READ MORE

Wind energy sets new record in the UK

UK wind power has made strong progress in the past few years and has set a new record Wind energy in the United Kingdom has set a new record, according to RenewableUK. The country has become a very strong supporter of wind power in recent years. In the coming months, the subsidies that the United[…]READ MORE

Fracking to arrive at Pittsburgh International Airport

Hydraulic fracturing will help pay off the airport's longtime debts. Later this month, Console Energy Inc. will begin drilling and fracking for natural gas at the airport, which Allegheny County officials who manage Pittsburgh International claim will bring the airport close to half a billion dollars, which will help to pay off debts that it[…]READ MORE

Faulty solar energy systems are being discovered in China

China is a leader in solar power, but faulty panels are causing troubles for the country's solar industry China has become the world's leading investors in renewable energy and one of the top countries for solar energy, but the country's domestic solar industry could be facing significant turbulence soon. Defective photovoltaic modules and other technologies[…]READ MORE 

Hydrogen fuel vehicles could be free in Japan

Japan is preparing for the launch on fuel cell vehicles in the coming years As the auto industry prepares to launch a new generation of clean transportation vehicles, drivers in Japan may be able to get the vehicles powered by fuel cells for free. Japan is one of the world's leading transportation markets and the[…] READ MORE





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