Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Tell your state officials: Make fossil fuel companies pay

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Date: Aug 13, 2014 12:03 PM
Subject: Tell your state officials: Make fossil fuel companies pay
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Support a carbon tax: Write to your state official now!

Dear Daniel,

Did you know the EPA is protecting big corporations from having to pay for the pollution they cause? 

People like you and me should not have to pay for the damage that big polluters inflict on the environment and our health. 

There is a solution: we could charge polluters for the environmental destruction they cause. This would provide an incentive to reduce their carbon pollution without passing the costs on to taxpayers like us.

Tell your state officials: Request that the EPA allow your state to implement a carbon tax.

Unfortunately, the EPA is making it difficult to implement a tax on carbon. Under the recently-proposed carbon rules, states may not be able to use a carbon tax to meet their obligations for reducing carbon pollution. But your state officials can pressure the EPA to clarify the rule. 

The EPA is considering various opinions on how to implement the rules, and comments from states will be very influential. Now is your chance to tell your state officials to submit comments to the EPA asking for them to clarify that a carbon tax is an acceptable compliance mechanism.

Your state officials could convince the EPA to allow a carbon tax -- but we need your help to pressure them. Write to your officials now!

States are in a unique position to choose how they implement the existing power plant rule. The rule gives them a great opportunity to implement a carbon tax and reduce carbon pollution from the power sector. A successful carbon tax at the state level could then build momentum for a national carbon tax, which would force all polluters across the country to pay the true cost of their destruction to our health and our environment.

Support a robust carbon tax as a means to reduce carbon pollution from the power sector -- write to your state officials today!

Make sure that your state officials know you support a robust carbon tax and that you would like to see them request the allowance of a carbon tax in the final existing power plant rule.

Kate DeAngelis,
Climate and energy campaigner,
Friends of the Earth

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