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GreenBuzz :: Our Top 10 Stories of 2008, The Year in Greenwashing, and More...

GreenBuzz :: Dec. 29, 2008
January 5, 2009
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Taking Care of Business

By Joel Makower

Happy 2009! I hope you are beginning the new year with a fresh sense of optimism and hope. I certainly am.

Admittedly, it's no small feat. The economy is sinking, with little certainty of when we hit bottom, let alone resurface. This is destined to be a year of change, some of it much-needed, some of it painful. We're in uncharted territory now, with barely a working compass.

But beyond the inevitable chaos is hope -- and no, not just the campaign slogan type, but real hope, the hope of fresh starts -- that the changes ahead will yield innovative solutions in how business is done, and the environmental and social impacts that result. We'll all be watching.

Of course, my team and I will be doing more than watching. We're planning a spate of new features and services to help you find your way, from stories of how your colleagues are faring to nuts-and-bolts survival strategies. We'll track the money flows of the new administration, looking for opportunities to tap into what is expected to be multi-billion-dollar expenditures to foment a green economy. And we'll continue to offer leading-edge research, starting with our 2009 State of Green Business report (and concomitant conference), launching February 2.

You'll also be seeing greater focus on the GreenBiz Blog, and the growing cacophony of voices from thought leaders as well as our own editorial team. We'd love to have you participate -- to share your observations from the trenches, your insights into what's working, what's not working, and how you're surviving -- and, I hope, thriving -- in the coming year. If you have ideas, or simply want to review our blogging guidelines, send a note to Leslie Guevarra.

For now, enjoy some of the topics we covered over the holidays. But get ready for all that's yet to come. It's going to be an adventure!

   The Latest News on Sustainable Business Practices
Fiji Water, Clean Coal and Political Parties Make 2008 Greenwash List
By GreenBiz Staff

Companies and coalitions big and not-so-big have made the ranks of most notorious "green" campaigns in the year-end list from National Public Radio's Greenwash Brigade.... Read More

California Gives $20 Million to Recycling Projects

U.S. Diners Looking for Greener Restaurants and Healthier Fare in 2009: Survey

Sustainable Community Concept Takes Hold in Texas, Georgia, Tennessee

Public Buildings in U.K. Emit More CO2 Than All of Kenya

Industry Leaders Team Up to Green Food's Supply Chain

Pacific Northwest's E-Waste 'Paradigm Shift' Launches Jan. 1

Ohio Launches Advanced Energy Masters Degree Program

Harvard Extension School Offers E-Learning Course on Environmental Management

   Featured News's Top 10 Most Popular Stories of 2008
By GreenBiz Staff

In a year when the economy was all the business world could talk about, our readers dug in deep to stories about creating change, overhauling the ways business gets done, and yes, how going green can save big money.... Read More


The True Value of Rackspace Hosting for your business

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   GreenBiz Radio
Starting With the End: Designing Products for Reuse
By Sarah Fister Gale

Milliken and Co. has long subscribed to the belief that waste and pollution cost money. Sustainability Director Bill Gregory speaks to GreenBiz Radio about how the carpet industry is joining together to improve carpet recycling and the ways in which end-of-life thinking has led to new products.... Listen

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Joel Makower
Behind IBM's Quest for a 'Smarter Planet'
>
Ariel Schwartz
Hidden Electric Bill Fee Finances New York's Energy Projects
>
Robert Pojasek
Once is Not Enough: Continual Improvement is Essential to Sustainability
>
Cary Krosinsky
The Responsibility of Ownership: New Year's Resolution 2009
>


Waste & Opportunity: U.S. Beverage Container Recycling Scorecard and Report, 2008

Twenty-three beverage companies are scored on the based on their reduction of virgin content in containers, use of recycled content, activities related to recovery and recycling legislation and program, and communication of their recycling goals and efforts.

Sustainable Aviation CO2 Roadmap

This report assesses carbon dioxide emissions from United Kingdom aviation from 2000-2050.

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