Thursday, January 22, 2009

Intergarden - hooking people with garden space & no time up with people who have time but no garden space

I thought you might want to check this out -

The idea is to have local persons that are unemployed, underemployed, or retired, or who just want to garden (and have no garden space) hook up with people who have garden space but are too busy working or don't know enough about gardening up with each other. (WOW, is that a long sentence.)

The idea is that the two parties would split the produce 50/50 in exchange for using each other's time/space/skills.

This site is BRAND SPANKING NEW, less than a week, and it is completely free to join. I'm doing this strictly as a community service. ( will probably get advertising revenue from it, but I personally get nothing but a sense of accomplishment.)

I hope to get the word out in a big way BEFORE the growing season starts.

This is great for busy home owners with sunny back yard space because they can eat fresh organic produce and supplement their grocery budget just by sharing - and be as local food as you can get.

This is great for the impoverished and underemployed because it can increase their food security through their own individual effort - and provide good skills.

This is great for expert vegetable gardeners because they can help pass on their knowledge for the future and do a great service to the community.

If there's any way you can help spread the word about Intergarden, please do so. People are going to need to start some seedlings as early as March, and given the economic climate, this could really help a lot of people.

With gratitude and respect,

Dan Stafford
Intergarden concept originator
Co-Chair, Progressive Democrats of Illinois

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