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Windpower Monthly Wind.Alert December 2008   As you requested, here is a taste of the top news stories and  special opinion pieces just published by Windpower Monthly.  The text-bites below are quick summaries of a small selection  of articles in the latest print issue of Windpower Monthly and  on our web site.  You signed up for this newsletter at; see below for  unsubscribe or address change information. For the full list  of our extensive news coverage, see:  SELECTED NEWS STORY SUMMARIES  Out of 91 news and feature articles in the print magazine this  month, we have written summaries of 8 stories for the benefit of visitors to our web site.  *  Huge volume of Spanish wind unplugged: Weekend storms trigger controversial wind generation shutdown by grid operator  *   Turnaround by French government: Environment minister now favours large and not small wind farms for France  *  Danish bid for total energy independence:Global warming fears behind Prime Minister's new goal for fossil fuel phase out  *  Wind to replace coal in Finland: Government launches plan for renewables dominated power system  *  Groundwork for a wind powered future: Europe kicks off electricity infrastructure revolution with offshore grid proposal  *  Preventing bat and bird deaths: Major wind project developer in United States applies wildlife friendly practices countrywide  *  Chinese market drivers stronger than ever: Political support and fiscal policy help wind industry through downturn  *  Still uphill for offshore wind in America: Draft regulations apply resource depletion penalties to inexhaustible wind   For summaries of these selected stories, see:  If you want an edge on this fast-growing global industry,  there is no better source of authoritative news, views and  analysis than Windpower Monthly. For delivery of the  magazine to your desk 12 times a year, subscribe now at:  Interested in a corporate subscription for your company?  Contact our customer services manager Anne-Marie Howe at   COMMENT COLUMN  *  A questionable outlook  When an organisation as conservative as the International Energy Agency issues an annual report calling for a "major transformation of the energy system" to encourage "large-scale investment in low-carbon technology development and deployment," political and business leaders the world over sit up and take notice. They may even take action. But there is a hitch. ... ... More     For an abstract of this comment column, see:  FOCUS COLUMN -- ONLINE-ONLY  *  A limited world outlook  The International Energy Agency is calling for a big reduction in the use of fossil fuel and far greater use of renewable energy. It believes its recently released World Energy Outlook 2008 "will provide a solid basis for all countries seeking to negotiate a new global climate deal." That is just what is worrying environmental organisations and the wind power industry ...  More  For free access to the rest of our online focus column, go to:  For the full picture, including access to the extensive online  article archive from 1994, subscribe now at:  Advertise to a quality audience via Wind.Alert or Windpower  Monthly. For more information, contact  For wind power technology facts and figures check out  WindStats:  ------------------------------------------------------------  Subscribe to this free service at  All contents (c) Windpower Monthly 1985-2008  ============================================ Windpower Monthly News Magazine     

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