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A message from our friends at Frack Free IL

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Hello friends, Ashley Williams here again! http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/governor-quinn-stop-the-1?mailing_id=24138&source=s.icn.em.cr&r_by=1415825

Below you will find some important current and future frack actions to take via Frack Free IL. Thanks in advance for your participation!


Fracking is very dangerous and a great risk for water contamination, air pollution, frack quakes and worsening climate change. It is gradually being rolled out in Southern and Central IL. We have spotted a couple of wells that are being drilled, but the full "Frack Attack" is awaiting the final rules from the IDNR. It's time to put more pressure on our elected officials. 

Below are several actions that you can take today, and coming up:  


1) Urgent - please sign and pass this petition to Pres. Obama and the US EPA to strengthen the recently released EPA carbon rules. These rules include recommendations for states to switch to frack gas for electricity production - this is a step in the wrong direction - too much methane is being released from all of the entire gas infrastructure (from the wells to the pipelines); therefore, fracking appears to be much dirtier than coal for the climate.

We are going to hand-deliver this petition to the EPA, so thank you for passing this to your friends.



2) No-Fracking Fun at the Illinois State Fair - Let Gov Quinn know - 

"Good Governors Don't Frack!"  

Wed, Aug 13th is the big day - Or come Tues evening, Aug 12th to stay over.

Join many environmental groups including SAFE, Food and Water Watch, Move On, Frack Free Illinois and Sustainable Springfield, just to name a few, at the Illinois State Fair.    

Will Reynolds of Southern IL says,  "If you take time off work, this day is the day!" 

Itinerary: Tues, Aug 12th, 7pm, meet at the Metra train station in Chicago or another site in the suburbs, (TBA), to carpool, possibly van, or take the train to Springfield. Leave approximately: 7pm - arrive in Springfield at 10:30p-11p to stay overnight at a Springfield church (TBA) -- bring your mats and sleeping bags. There will be places to wash up, but you should bring beverages, and a bag lunch and breakfast with you. There will also be a short briefing about the actions being planned for the next day. If you are coming from Southern IL, there may be a carpooling or van option as well. 

Wed, Aug 13th, 9:30am, meet out front of a political gathering with the Governor and other Democratic politicos to protest fracking at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, 3000 S. Dirksen Parkway, in Springfield.   Plans may change a bit in that we may go inside to talk to all of the Politicos and Democratic Party organizations about fracking, so bring your No-Fracking T-shirts alongside another T-shirt.  After the rally transfer to the IL State Fair grounds, there will be peaceful actions going on inside. Admission to the fair grounds is Adults: $7, and 60 and older: $3. 

Evening of Aug 13th, train, car pool or van back to Chicago or Southern IL - arrive back approximately 10 -11pm.

Or there is an optional stay overnight in Springfield on Wed night to go back to the State Fair grounds for more actions on the Republicans the next day, Thurs, Aug 14th. If you want to stay longer, there will be Springfield fracktivists to help and drop you back at the train station. 

Join the FB event page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/743716929020761/  

and post your car pooling offers or requests.

Up in the north contact: Jill Paulus at jillann123@comcast.net or leave a message at 630-469-4843, with your name, number and email - she will be contacting folks who leave messages after July 27th to firm up the plans. We will have a conference call on these days of action on Sunday, Aug 3rd, 8pm -- send Jill your email and we will let you know the call in number.

3) Senator Don Harmon is one of the keys to our "Renewable Energy Future" in IL 

– Please call him this week at 1-708-848-2002 to say:

Renewable Energy: Yes 
Fracking and Nuclear: No
Green Jobs are Better Jobs!

You can express your support for:

A) The "Green Dozen" bills that Frack Free Illinois introduced into the IL Senate this spring, they address the most serious concerns about fracking and some of the solutions. These bills need Sen. Harmon's sponsorship. For more information go to: http://frackfreeil.wordpress.com/

B) Two important IL Sierra Club bills that are stalled as well, one to protect our public lands from fracking, and the other to use the oil and natural gas production tax for renewable energy and to clean up pollution, http://illinois.sierraclub.org/legislation/2014/fracking_publiclands.pdf

C) The Fix to the RPS, which allows for a no-cost fix, to ratepayers, of the state Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (RPS). This fix is essential, but did not get passed in the spring. It will promote renewable energy development and create the green jobs that we need: http://illinois.sierraclub.org/legislation/2014/rps.pdf

D) IL Nuclear Energy corporations are trying to block our "Renewable Energy Future". Please tell Senator Harmon that Nuclear Energy is not a clean or renewable energy. Wind, Solar and Tidal are sustainable, but Nuclear is not!


4) Frack Free Illinois opportunities:  We have been gifted copies of "The Fracking King," a new novel by Common Cause PA activist and fractivist James Browning. Contact drlora2@yahoo.com or 773-486-7660 for the details on how you can qualify to receive one. Below is an interview with the author:   

140715 Hour 11 Q 4 Radio All In For Mother Earth : Dr. Lora Chamberlain : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive              

All In For Mother Earth interviews James Browning, the author of The Fracking King. Browning is a Pennsylvania resident, who works with Common Cause around the corruption of frack money in our politics.  

Also, please like Frack Free Illinois on FB -- and keep up to date on the latest articles, messages, questions, comments, report backs, or join our email list serves and Sunday night conference calls: Frack Free Illinois   

Attend our many events: www.facebook.com/events/1470571359826399/             

5) Please listen to what the North Dakota Resource Council says about the fracking nightmare in Bakken oil field
 – Will Southern IL become the new Bakken?

140603 Hour 11 Q 4 Radio All Infor Mother Earth : Dr. Lora Chamberlain : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive 


6) Read about how Illinois can quickly move to 100% renewable energy:


Thanks for all you do for our environment,

Frack Free Illinois


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