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July 7, 2014


Reclaiming Wilderness

Why should we bother protecting wilderness areas let along expand them? Kenneth Brower tells us why wilderness is not dispensable and why we need to continue working to protect it...
The Sierra Club

Rare Wood Stork of Southeast Declared Recovered to Threatened Status

The Interior Department announced last week that it is downlisting the wood stork from endangered to threatened, but what will this mean in regard to protections for the enigmatic bird in its home range of the southeastern U.S.?
Center for Biological Diversity

10 Reasons There's Hope for Our Climate

Feeling pessimistic about our ability to turn the corner toward climate stability before it is too late? Fred Krupp begs to differ, as he told a crowd of thought leaders at last week's Aspen Ideas Festival...
Environmental Defense Fund


Chemicals and Obesity: What's the Connection?

The rise in obesity and related health problems like diabetes is usually attributed to an abundance of high-calorie food coupled with the trend toward a more sedentary lifestyle, but maybe there is more to the story. A growing number of researchers believe that certain chemicals collectively known as "obesogens" may be a contributing factor to the growing obesity epidemic...





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