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Tell frackers to come clean -- NRDC BioGems News, July 2014

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Oil and Water
Tell Big Oil and Gas to Come Clean on Fracking Chemicals
For the first time, the Environmental Protection Agency is considering whether to require the disclosure of the chemicals used in fracking operations, as well as the risks they pose. With more than 15 million Americans now living within a single mile of a fracking site, this is a crucial first step towards protecting communities and drinking water from the dangers of fracking. Tell the EPA to put people before polluters and require that chemical manufacturers and oil and gas companies tell us exactly what's in fracking fluid.
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Campaign Updates
Sonar Fight Goes Mainstream with New Book
It's been almost 20 years since NRDC first took the Navy to court to protect whales from the dangers of high-intensity sonar. And thanks to your activism and support, we've won a string of victories holding the Navy accountable for its secretive assault on marine mammals. Now, a powerful new book, War of the Whales by Joshua Horwitz, tells the gripping story of how NRDC attorney Joel Reynolds and marine biologist Ken Balcomb first blew the whistle on the Navy and began an epic fight that went all the way to the Supreme Court. When you order a copy, $5 will be donated to our Marine Mammal Protection Project.
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War of the Whales
Video of the Month
Like to Eat? You Need Bees
One out of every three bites of food you eat depends on bees for pollination, but bee colonies are being wiped out by killer pesticides.
In the News
New York Passes Ivory Ban
In a big win for BioGems Defenders, the New York State Assembly and Senate have passed bills that prohibit the trade of ivory, mammoth and rhino horn and increase fines and jail time for those who violate the state's wildlife trafficking laws. The legislation now heads to the governor for his signature. Learn more. Elephant
Underwater Park in Pacific
President Obama announced plans to greatly expand the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument -- home to coral gardens, underwater mountain ranges and threatened sea turtles and sharks -- to safeguard the area from destructive fishing and other industrial activity. Learn more. Turtle
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Our summer issue is now available to read online.
Nature story or love story? Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.
This Green Life
Read On a Wing and a Prayer and catch up with Osprey's Journey.
Activism Matters
BioGems Defenders have sent more than 107,000 messages urging British Columbia Premier Christy Clark to stand strong in opposing the Northern Gateway tar sands pipeline, which threatens the spectacular Spirit Bear Coast.
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Photos: In the News (New York Passes Ivory Ban): Jay Tansey.

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