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Google launches competition to promote innovation in clean technology

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Google launches competition to promote innovation in clean technology Google launches competition to promote innovation in clean technology
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August 5, 2014 -


Google launches competition to promote innovation in clean technology

Clean technology is an important part of the energy puzzle Typically, when someone thinks about renewable energy, they conjure up images of solar panels and wind turbines. These are the most recognizable symbols in the clean energy space, but they are only one part of the energy puzzle. These energy systems generate[…]READ MORE

Pilot project launches in Finland to examine viability of byproduct hydrogen fuel

 VTT Technical Research Center launched new project to take advantage of byproduct hydrogen Finland's VTT Technical Research Center has launched a new pilot project that aims to use byproduct hydrogen to produce electrical power. Hydrogen is often produced as a byproduct of chemical processes that are common in many industries. In many […]Read the full story

Tesla's gigafactory could help the solar energy field

Gigafactory batteries could have an impact on the solar power sector Tesla Motors recently formed a partnership with Panasonic. Through this partnership, Panasonic will be providing technology and services to Tesla's forthcoming "gigafactory," which will be responsible for the manufacture of batteries. These batteries are primarily meant to be used in Tesla's […]READ MORE

Wal-Mart expands deal with hydrogen fuel cell developer

 Share on Tumblr  Wal-Mart wants more fuel cells and hydrogen production technology from Plug Power Wal-Mart has expanded its order of hydrogen fuel cells from Plug Power, a leading developer of fuel cell energy systems. Plug Power has been providing Wal-Mart with fuel cell systems for some time. In February of this year, the two[…]READ MORE

Renewable energy awareness is low among mobile consumers

A new report has found that mobile device charging generates a surprising amount of greenhouse gases. A recent Juniper Research report discovered that when it comes to renewable energy and sustainable habits, consumer awareness is low in mobile markets and that by 2019, charging mobile gadgets will produce over 13 megatons CO2e […]READ MORE

California and Mexico join together to fight climate change

01 August 2014

 Share on Tumblr  Governor Jerry Brown to travel to Mexico to strengthen existing partnership California Governor Jerry Brown is set to make a trade mission to Mexico in the coming week, accompanied by some 90 delegates from the state's public and private sectors. The mission will focus on issues relating to climate change, environmental protection, […]READ MORE 




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