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Toyota and Linde are making moves on hydrogen fuel

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Toyota and Linde are making moves on hydrogen fuel Toyota and Linde are making moves on hydrogen fuel
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August 7, 2014 -


Toyota and Linde are making moves on hydrogen fuel

Toyota is beginning to market its new fuel cell vehicle ahead of 2015 launch Toyota is preparing to launch its first fuel cell vehicle in 2015, and this means that the Japanese automakers is beginning to take steps to market its new vehicle. The automaker has high hopes for hydrogen fuel cells​[…]READ MORE

Pilot project launches in Finland to examine viability of byproduct hydrogen fuel

 VTT Technical Research Center launched new project to take advantage of byproduct hydrogen Finland's VTT Technical Research Center has launched a new pilot project that aims to use byproduct hydrogen to produce electrical power. Hydrogen is often produced as a byproduct of chemical processes that are common in many industries. In many […]Read the full story

Wind turbine energy helps to increase green power generation in the UK

UK green energy reaches 15% in 2013, hitting record high. Wind turbine energy has really taken off in Britain as over 900 onshore and offshore wind turbines were constructed throughout last year, which cost approximately £3 billion in subsidies and resulted in nearly a one third increase in renewable energy production. Electricity[…]READ MORE

Geothermal energy potential in Himalayas remains untouched

 Share on Tumblr  Wal-Mart wants more fuel cells and hydrogen production technology from Plug Power Wal-Mart has expanded its order of hydrogen fuel cells from Plug Power, a leading developer of fuel cell energy systems. Plug Power has been providing Wal-Mart with fuel cell systems for some time. In February of this year, the two[…]READ MORE

Renewable energy awareness is low among mobile consumers

The Himalayas is a huge geothermal source that is untapped due to lack of research funds. According to international geologists, the mountain range in South Asia contains thousands of megawatts (MW) of geothermal energy that remains unused because investment in research is lacking and because of environmental considerations. The Himalayas is considered[…]READ MORE

Google launches competition to promote innovation in clean technology

 Share on Tumblr  Clean technology is an important part of the energy puzzle Typically, when someone thinks about renewable energy, they conjure up images of solar panels and wind turbines. These are the most recognizable symbols in the clean energy space, but they are only one part of the energy puzzle. These energy systems generate […]READ MORE 




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