Saturday, April 03, 2004

Kucinich courts state delegates during local visit
By Sarah Boyer

Dennis Kucinich brought his presidential campaign to Lane County this week with promises of universal health care, free college educations for all Americans and fair trade.

The Democratic presidential hopeful spoke before a crowd of 800 people at Lane Community College on Sunday. Kucinich said he made the trip to Oregon to campaign because he has a chance of winning state delegates in the May Primary Election.

"The reason this primary election is so critical is because the direction of the Democratic Party is far from settled," Kucinich said. "The direction of the Democratic Party is yet to be determined."

Kucinich supporter Beryl Oliver, who lives in Springfield, said Oregonians should be encouraged to vote for Kucinich.

"I know that there is a willingness to vote for Kucinich in the Oregon Primary because (John) Kerry has (the Democratic nomination)," Oliver said. "Now is the time citizens can vote from their hearts."

Kucinich spoke concerning the war in Iraq saying the United States should "turn over the oil assets to the UN so they can be reserved for the Iraqi people."

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