Monday, April 05, 2004

Kucinich draws crowd, cheers in Carrboro

BY ERIC FERRERI : The Herald-Sun
Apr 4, 2004 : 10:17 pm ET

CARRBORO -- Even in this giddy crowd of sun-worshipping optimists, it was hard to find anyone Sunday willing to admit that their candidate for president, Dennis Kucinich, really had a shot at the Democratic nomination.

To many attending Kucinich's afternoon campaign stop at the local farmers' market, the point was to show support.

Kucinich rolled into town to the cheers of several hundred people, many in lawn chairs enjoying the warm sun, others lolling on the grass eating picnic lunches behind the market's gazebo. It was festive, it was cheerful, and it was hopeful. His local supporters hoped the rally would help Kucinich drum up some support for the state's April 17 Democratic presidential caucus.

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