Saturday, April 24, 2004

Kucinich lays out plan to extract troops from Iraq
Ohio congressman is still campaigning against John Kerry.

By Hal Marcovitz
Of The Morning Call

Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich brought his anti-war message to Bucks County on Friday, promoting a plan to withdraw troops from Iraq within 90 days and insisting that he can still influence the Democratic Party's platform.

Kucinich, a Democrat, met with about 50 supporters at a fund-raising breakfast in Newtown then spoke to about 750 students and faculty members at the nearby George School. The students at the traditionally Quaker school were an enthusiastic audience, interrupting him with their applause whenever he spoke against the war in Iraq, which was quite often.

''It was wrong to go in,'' he said. ''The question is, now that we're in, how do we get out?''

The answer, Kucinich said, is to...(Full Story)

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