Thursday, April 22, 2004

Kucinich spokesman says to send message

Gazette-Times reporter

Forum on health care fails to draw other campaign representatitves

A meeting on health care and the presidential election didn't exactly come off as billed Wednesday night. Representatives for John Kerry and George W. Bush were invited but didn't attend the forum at the Corvallis Public Library, said an event organizer.

Dennis Kucinich's spokesman was there, though, and he made an interesting proposal to Oregon Democrats.

Kerry already has the Democratic Party nomination wrapped up, admitted Greg Bennett, a local campaign coordinator for Kucinich.

But by voting for Kucinich in the primary, Oregonians would send a message for universal heath care for all, he said.

"This is a position of influencing John Kerry and getting him to develop his platform. Ironically, we can be more influential later in the process," Bennett said. "Kerry will be the candidate. The platform hasn't formed yet."

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