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Celebrate oil savings solutions this Fourth of July

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Union of Concerned Scientists

The military is leading the way to Half the Oil.

Half the Oil Leadership

This Fourth of July, salute our military's commitment to developing oil saving technologies that will benefit our nation.

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The Military is Leading the Way to Half the Oil

Dear Daniel,

We see the costs of oil all around us, from the impacts of storms and droughts exacerbated by climate change to the pain of volatile prices at the pump. And it's a reality that confronts our military daily: every time the price of a barrel of oil rises by ten dollars, the military spends more than one billion dollars more on oil, and that's money that can't be used to protect our service men and women or our national security.

In fact, the U.S. military is the largest user of oil in the world. That's why the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard are leading the way on investing in oil saving solutions.

Across the United States and around the world, engineers, active-duty service men and women, and veterans are producing non-food based biofuels for aircraft and ships and deploying hybrid and electric vehicle technology on military bases and in the field. That's good for fighting climate change and for our national security.

To tell the story of how our military is affected by oil and what they are doing about it, the Union of Concerned Scientists partnered with the Truman National Security Project—a group of national security experts who are working to address some of our biggest global challenges. Truman's Operation Free project raises the voices of military veterans who have seen the costs of our oil use first-hand, and share an unparalleled commitment to making clean energy solutions a reality. We are proud to be partnering with Operation Free to support efficient and clean fuel technologies and policies, and hope you'll join us in sharing the video that we made to explain what's possible when we work together.

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* On #4thofJuly, salute our military's work to cut #oil use. Share @ucsusa & @operationfree video: #HalftheOil
* The military developed microchips & GPS. Now it's clean vehicles & fuels. @ucsusa & @operationfree video explains:
* Learn what #electriccars & our military have in common, watch new @ucsusa & @operationfree video: #HalftheOil

You might be surprised to learn how much progress the military is making on cutting oil use, and what citizens and scientists can do to help make these solutions a reality for all of us.


Rachel Cohen
Rachel Cohen
National Field Organizer
Clean Vehicles Program
Union of Concerned Scientists


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